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Many people believe that a position on a basketball team are all the same. They believe that everyone receives a chance to play and everyone has an equal amount of talent. Well, in some cases, that may be true, but that's only when you are playing in a recreational league, when you are in third grade when winning was not important. When you reach the level of basketball for high school, which is varsity, there are actually three categories of players. There are three basic positions, the starter, the sixth man, and the bench warmer. It may not right to separate the team into three different parts, but it is true most of the time by r the coach. Players do not want the team to be divided into different parts. The starter, the sixth man, and the bench warmer can sometimes contribute in equal manners, but are still individual players..

First, the bench warmer is sometimes the worst out of everybody on the whole team. The skills of a bench warmer are very limited and the coach does not desire or need them to actually play. If the bench warmer does play, he or she will very rarely score due to either nervousness or out of spite towards the coach. The bench warmer does not box out properly and lets the other team climb right over them to get the rebound. Boxing someone out is a basketball term which means that when someone shoots the ball, you get down low, put your butt into somebody's stomach and push them backward. The defensive skills are about at par, but not nearly as close to the starters or even the sixth man's ability. Without doing scoring, rebounding, or playing defense, it seems as though that the bench warmer should not even...