An autobiography of the incident when I went sking for my first time

Essay by Elizabeth EversJunior High, 9th gradeA, October 1996

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Slush, Slush, Slush, 'Ahhhhhhhhhh!'

'Well, there goes another graceful one,' I looked admirably down the slope, 'How do they do that?'

'With lots of practice?!' Veronica replied sarcastically.

'No kidding!' I gave her a look. Then with a unsure voice I said, 'I'm going to try it myself, wish me luck.'

'Break a leg?!'

'Ha, Ha, very funny.'

Slowly, I crabbed walked up the slope. Shaking all over, I was afraid to look down. Yet, I still had the courage to stagger myself to the top. Feeling a little dizzy by the high altitude, I took a deep breath of the cold frost bitten air. Then without a second thought, I lowered my knees and gave it a quick push.

'Ahhhhhhhh!' Oh my God, what have I put myself through. Is this what I really came here for? Why do I feel like I'm flying, like a 747, heavy but still floating in the air.

Have I died and left my body? No, No, I'm to young to die. Give me another chance to live. Please, let me go.

Suddenly, I felt myself swaggering. The air pressure pushing harder below me. No, No, I take it back, don't let me go. Thoughts that were racing through my mind were blown away by a sudden 'Thud!' like all those times I've dived off a diving board with my belly down.

'Where am I?' I whispered to myself, ' Why is it so cold?'

'Hey Jo! Get up!'


'Hurry, before someone accidentally skis over you,' Veronica cried dragging me with her.

'Veronica? Is that you?'

My friend gave me one of her questioning looks. 'Has your mind been blown away by the wind?'

'I'm still alive?' I cried gratefully.

'I guess so.'

'How did...