"Babe Ruth Is Greatest Of All Time"

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Babe Ruth was dominating when he played. When Ruth retired in 1935 with 714 homeruns he had more than twice as many as anyone else (1). His dominance in the 20's and 30's was matched by no other. Ruth was a step ahead of the rest of the league. In 1920 Ruth hit 54 homeruns, the only team to have more, were the Phillies with 64 (2). No one since his day has been able to out hit the rest of the teams in the league. He did this regularly too, not just that one year. After Ruth was sold to the Yankees from the Boston Red Sox he hit more homeruns then the entire Boston team, nine out of the next ten years (3). Ruth wasn't matched by anyone in his entire career. He was always expected to win the homerun crown and he did. During his 15 year stay with the Yankees Ruth won ten homerun crowns (4).

Opposing pitchers were so afraid of him that he was consistently walked. Ruth led the AL in walks 11 times (5). Ruth led the league in RBI's six times and runs scored eight times (6). Seldom in the history of baseball has one player so dominated the game's offensive statistics for as many years as Ruth did.

Ruth didn't just dominate homerun categories. He also was a great all-around hitter. When Ruth hit his record setting 60 homeruns he had a .356 batting average (7) where as when Mark McGwire hit 70 homeruns he had an average of .299(8). This is an amazing feat even for Ruth. Today, we have homerun hitters like Mark McGwire. They hit a lot of homeruns, but that is all they do. They don't have the total hitting capability that Ruth had. Ruth hit...