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Factual Proposition: Consuming marijuana is detrimental to one's health.

OPPONENT'S BRIEF Factual Proposition: Consuming marijuana is detrimental to one's health. ...

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How to win an arguement

s: Is theargument worth fighting? Do you have the proper background to win theargument? Who is your opponent? And finally, do I have the properargumentative behavior.Before getting involved in an argu ... ifferent. You must have backgroundinformation, as discussed earlier, as well as a knowledge of your opponent. Ifhe has no insight into the subject and you do, then the upper hand is yours.You can corr ...

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Wrestling; Poetry in Motion

Wrestling; Poetry in MotionMy heart beats faster as I approach my opponent. My enemy stands as a colossus although I know in my mind he is my only equal. The crowd gr ... rtion. This great fight, although very tiring, gives you the greatest feeling after you defeat your opponent. For this feeling, and this feeling only is why I wrestle. This hard to explain feeling is ...

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Martial Arts in China

hand, in non-percussive martial arts, such as Judo, involve throwing,locking, and neutralising the opponent. They are far less aggressive.Kung-Fu is an interesting type of martial art, the origins of ...

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How to fight successfully in hockey

Hockey SuccessfullySometimes hockey players lose their cool on the ice andget into a fight with an opponent. The fights lookspontaneous and unplanned, but there are many techniquesand tricks that wil ... yourstick and gloves onto the ice. It is always better to punchwith your bare fists so it hurts the opponent more. Also, it iseasier to grab with your bare hands. Next, you must rip offthe opponents h ...

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My Favorite Movie

ics. In the movie the characters demonstrate the precision and skill it takes to use Kung Fu on an opponent. There are many clans in this movie and some have their own fighting style.It is inter ...

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The impact of AI on Warfare

hout history man's favourite past time has been to make war. It has always been recognised that the opponent with the better weapons usually came out victorious. Nowadays, there is an increasing depen ...

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THe Death penelty

se man once said, " to be able to argue your point you must completely understand the point of your opponent, and to do this you must research the topic with an open mind." As an adult I have always b ... But it has no place in our justice system." Bud Welch (Commentary April 1998).The second issue that opponents to the death penalty have is that the death penalty is applied unfairly. We execute a smal ...

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tball career. As our team set up thepress, sweat dripped from my face. I was close enough to kiss myopponent, there was no way he was going to get the ball. He shoved mebackward and he planted his foo ...

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Why the communists won the Chinese Civil War.

uomintang. In trying to understand why the Communists were victorious over a more than considerable opponent it is necessary to look to the years preceding the civil war (1945-1949) itself and at the ...

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This essay argues against the insanity plea. It gives about 5 points/arguments that prove the defense faulty, and tell that it should be abolished from court rooms.

circumstance and they must be deal with in a different manner than a sane person would.Granted the opponent must have some valid points and arguments, but arguments that oppose the insanity plea use ...

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Should Same-Sex Marriage Be Legal?

osexual marriages that seem to have no argument at all. "It's just not right... It'ssick," said one opponent Eric Cummings. When asked to elaborate on this, he basically repeatedhis previous statement ...

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Study the rise of Swiss heavy infantry. Describe the arms, armor and tactical formation of the Swiss heavy infantryman.

g the time of its reemergence, it was revolutionary.To counter the power of the mounted knight, the opponent had either to withstand the shock of a mounted assault against its infantry or be able to d ...

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Global Warming

earth becomes cold. This process is known as greenhouse effect. But, nowadays the heat becomes our opponent, which is caused problems on the earth. The heat that goes to the earth's surface is more t ...

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Effects of the French Revolution on British Politics.

What were the effects of the French Revolution on British Politics?As a stubborn opponent of French ideas, and a persistent foe of French arms during the Revolutionary period, Brita ...

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New Challenges faced by the Music Industry.

al artists. It now reaches beyond the music industry as it once did, but this industry is its major opponent. Another option is a subscription-based "user pays" service, which was championed by privat ... l, if companies are prepared to make use of it.The answer is not in trying to shut down all the opponent networks, as has been tried, and found wanting in the past. The answer lies in innovation, ...

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A movie review for George Wallace.

ings and give much apology.In the beginning Wallace ran for governor of Alabama and lost due to his opponent Patterson who had the backing of the Ku Klux Klan, which Wallace had spoken out against. Th ...

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The Definition and History of McCarthyism: Analysis of Joseph McCarthy's Political Ethics.

rt judge (Reeves 202). McCarthy's campaign proved to be quite dirty with false statements about his opponent among other things. His opponent, Edgar Werner, McCarthy claimed was 73 when he was actuall ...

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Quarterfinals About a boy in a fencing tournament.

ngs of people shouted and cheered all sorts of things. None were cheering for me. Damn. Charlie, my opponent, had a number of girls holding up a large rectangular sign reading ?Butcher C!? in enormous ... ved since his father was a butcher and at one point or another he had ?butchered? three consecutive opponents with flawless victories. I had never even had a single flawless victory before. I stepped ...

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1944 U.S. Presidential Election.

can candidate, however Dewey had no real platform supporting his candidacy other than attacking his opponent's campaign. The election of 1944 is not really Roosevelt vs. Dewey, but rather Roosevelt v ... m hypertensive heart disease and cardiac failure. During the campaign for the election of 1944, his opponent, Republican Thomas Dewey, attacked the issue of Roosevelt's illness as one of his main camp ...

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