Should Same-Sex Marriage Be Legal?

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Should same-sex marriage be legal? It is already legal in some areas, but most of the world does

not allow it. Also, in areas where it is legal, homosexual couples usually do not have the same

rights or benefits as heterosexual couples. These people should not be discriminated against.

They deserve the right to get married and do other things that heterosexual couples are so free to

do like get insurance benefits and even adopt children.

Many people are against same-sex marriage. Their most common arguments are that the

Bible forbids it and they are not fit for parenthood (Christian Answers). However, there are some

against homosexual marriages that seem to have no argument at all. "It's just not right... It's

sick," said one opponent Eric Cummings. When asked to elaborate on this, he basically repeated

his previous statement and then changed the subject to the weather.

The Bible does not actually address the issue of same-sex marriage.

The authors of the

Bible seem quite unaware that some people had a homosexual orientation (Homosexual

Marriage). The authors knew of certain forms of same-sex behavior that they considered ritually

unclean, degenerate, and/or harmful, but they seem to have been totally unaware of loving,

supportive, same-sex committed relationships. The authors did condemn what they regarded as

sinful of sexual activities--both opposite sex and same-sex. However, since the authors of the

Bible were unaware of homosexual orientation, they could not conceive of loving and committed

gay or lesbian relationships or same-sex marriage (Same-Sex Marriage). Thus, the Bible is silent

on same-sex marriage. All positive references to human sexuality relate only to heterosexual sex,

and all committed sexual relationships discussed in the Bible are heterosexual.

These same two arguments often appear whenever same-sex marriages is debated. Gays

or lesbians in committed...