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"Voyeur" a description of Pablo Picasso's "Female Nude" from a particular point of view.

es happily in solitude.To the left is another tall thin rectangle. This shape is filled with a soft pastel yellow that also fades into her skin tone. Both rectangular shapes are accented with small no ...

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The Inferno

atop fallow lots the size of kitchen magnets. Welcome to suburbia. I effortlessly enter my pervious pastel palace, but the voyage to my room is an uphill battle; it is quite an insurmountable quest. T ...

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My Town.

stance like a quiet giant, napping on a bed of dew. The sky looks like as if an artist had dripped pastel paints all over a blue easel, letting the light pinks and purples swirl together to create a ...

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Georgia O'Keefe's life and artistic interests.

Georgia O'Keefe-Perspective and VisionGeorgia O'Keefe, through the use of charcoal, watercolor, pastel, and oil, blends abstraction and representation to form what she refers to as "that memory or ...

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A report on Edgar Degas. Choosing and describing certain peices from a gallery at the norton simon museum.

ifully depicted. Infact, she was quite dull."Dancers in Pink" was the second piece I chose. It is a pastel on cardboard. I chose it because of its soft,lovely look. It's simple but very pretty. This p ...

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A Tribute Essay on the Late Rod Roddy, Announcer from the Price is Right. Originally Written for My School Paper.

g else in the universe; there is no passing of time and every day is 1972. Amidst all this flashing pastel enchantment, Rod Roddy fit in perfectly. He was the jovially flamboyant announcer, whose many ...

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showed me a picture of pretty girl shyly smiling for the camera. A flower maiden in her long-tailed pastel "Ao Dai", the girl radiates an unmistakable aura of simple joy and an innocence that sustains ...

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A Teen Piece - "The Grey Room" It deals with the uncertainty of being a teenager and the desire to grow up and go back to childhood at the same time.

f life and honestly, I don't know if I want to move, but I don't want to stay either.Behind me, the pastel colored door covered with stickers of cartoon characters leads to the past. But I can't go ba ...

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Art Essay on William Kentridge

ng with what is in essence a very restrictive media, using only charcoal and a touch of blue or red pastel, he has created animations of astounding depth. A theme running through all of his work is hi ...

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Hip Hop Is Art

He sits in front of his work table with the usual sheet of paper. However, instead of picking up a pastel, a pencil, or a paintbrush and drawing or painting which you might have expected him to do, h ...

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Art Analyists

painting are organic since he used irregular and curving lines around the faces. Marsh used pastels in this painting. The women had on blue and pink while the trucks were a light gray. Even th ... al times. The variety is the color. By changing colors he keeps the viewers attention. This pastel drawing has symmetrical balance. He evens the painting out with women in the middle, women on ...

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