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Abolish the Penny

How many times have you walked past a penny on the ground or carelessly dropped it on the floor and not picked it up, thinking that a penn ... on the streets or collected in jars. The Royal Canadian Mint says it costs only 0.7 cents to make a penny but if you factor in other costs such as shipping the pennies to banks then it could add up to ... to 4 cents per penny. Surely we have to get rid of this nuisance by proposing a bill to abolish the penny in Canada.Pennies are heavy, a nuisance and isn't worth carrying around in your pocket. This i ...

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Is One Cent Too Much?

Is one cent TOO MUCH ? Much ? The penny as a form of currency has sparked debate between people in society, and there are many reasons ... ebate between people in society, and there are many reasons for both keeping and getting rid of the penny. However, what would we do with the millions that have already been made? Pennies should conti ... rm of U.S. currency, however, they should stop being made, or at least be made less frequently. The penny costs too much for the treasury, it has a low value, and people will have to pay more for item ...

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