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Love and Death in Stephen King's "Pet Sematary"

The Wendigo appears in two quite different realms in Pet Sematary. Louis first meets it in the dream land beyond the deadfall, where its forms are somewh ... esting that in Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are, a book King alludes to more than once in Pet Sematary (e.g. 76, 82), Max, the main character, wears a cat suit on his journey away from a res ... nteresting editorial errors. These oddities may connect with King's professed reluctance to publish Pet Sematary.In structure, the novel seems to be divided into two roughly equal and distinct parts. ...

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y does King have published novels, but his stories have also become films. His other works include: Pet Sematary, It, The Shining, Delores Claiborne, Sleepwalkers, The Dead Zone, The Stand, Misery, Th ...

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