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WRITER STEPHEN KING DIES Writer Stephen King's death sounds like something out of one of his novels. He died early yesterday morning when he was struck by a car on a lonely dirt road near his house in Portland, Maine. Officials said that King was on a daily walk on a deserted road when an unidentified driver hit him.

King, who has explored almost every terror-producing theme imaginable, from vampires, rabid dogs, deranged killers, pyromaniac ghosts, to telekinesis, biological warfare and even a malevolent automobile was known for his horror stories, and strange deaths.

His first published novel was Carrie, which he wrote while teaching high school English in Maine. It was published in 1973 after his wife found it in the garbage where King had thrown it.

Not only does King have published novels, but his stories have also become films. His other works include: Pet Sematary, It, The Shining, Delores Claiborne, Sleepwalkers, The Dead Zone, The Stand, Misery, Thinner, and Stand By Me plus many more.

What many people don't know about King is his how he was as a person, not a writer. People may think that he is a very violent and mysterious person, but Stephen King is not like that at all, said an ex-student of Kings. Arthur Norton said in an interview with King, "There is this genial childlike quality about King… He is an average guy." King says in the same interview, "I am a very credulous person. I will believe what I am told." King was involved with the American Cancer Society, he also provided scholarships for local high school students, and contributed to numerous other local and national charities.

Recently, after the shootings in Columbine High School, King spoke about his thoughts on the subject. King said that the...