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orbundet til en tone generator foran resonansrøret. Resonansrøret er et rør af plexiglas hvor der indvendigt sidder et stempel som man ved hjælp af en stang bagfra, kan bev& ...

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The Veggie Guy-very short story about a guy, a girl, a patty melt, and homemade pop rocks

erson, but sure enough, there he was slicing some tomato on the white Formica countertop behind the Plexiglas sneeze guard. She stopped dead in her tracks as the door jingled to announce her entrance ...

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Cardiac Valve Prostheses an itroduction

n Dr. Charls Hufnagel implanted the first artificial caged ball valve for aortic insufficiency. The Plexiglas cage contained a ball occluder and was inserted into the descending aorta without the need ...

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"Death Of a Ball Turret Gunner" Explained.

rret gunner is one of the most dangerous jobs of any airborne crew member. Upon squeezing into this Plexiglas dome, the gunner has little or no room to maneuver. Most of the men choose the fetal posit ... osed from its dream of life" (3), also displays the worthlessness of one's life. The gunner, in his Plexiglas confinement, so far away from anything comforting or familiar to him, feels disassociated. ...

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