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"Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens.

fair to say that Australia's role in Great Expectations is fairly minimal. It simply functions as a plot device; a place to deposit Magwitch when he is no longer required and a place for him to return ... h when he is no longer required and a place for him to return from when needed again to further the plot. With the rise in postcolonial studies, however, Australia and Magwitch's experiences there hav ...

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King Lear - Edgar plays many roles throughout the play and performs a wide range of functions. What is the purpose of his role playing?

th the outcome of Edgar's role. He performs so many roles and functions that he seems to just be a 'plot device'. Not much time was spent by Shakespeare on establishing Edgar's qualities and virtues p ...

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Mary Higgins Clark- We'll Meet Again

trial that occurred nearly six years before the novel begins. The flashback serves as a convenient plot device for conveying a great deal of necessary information in a compressed manner. The defendan ... thinks, to acknowledge the past; indeed, it may be "therapeutic" to do so (74).The remainder of the plot focuses primarily on Fran's investigation of the six-year-old murder. The skeptical reporter is ...

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"Miles Gloriosus"- A close reading (3 pages)

Gloriosus" reveals how Palaestro and Greek Society viewed women and also the role of deception as a plot device. The observation the reader gains from this excerpt is that Palaestro believes that wome ... . Quite conversely Palaestro appears worried which suggests that Sceledrus presents a threat to his plot. None the less Palaestro insinuates that Philocomasin could outwit the slave with her cunning l ...

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William Shakespeare's "Othello" is more than just a tragedy. Discuss.

she too, believes that he is sleeping with another woman.The theme of jealous is portrayed through plot device of the handkerchief. Othello views the handkerchief as a symbol of Desdemona's faith and ...

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Examine the ways in which lang

enaming Ireland's geographical features. In 'Translations' language and identity are used more as a plot device and plot feature rather than as part of stylistic technique, which is their most common ... English. Friel highlights a particularly important era of Irish history to make this point and the plot gives sympathy to the Irish characters by its illustration of them and the English. He uses lan ...

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Psychoanalytical Analysis of Cinematic Sound – The Phenomenon of Eavesdropping

sunderstandings of overheard conversations may be the single most prevalent catalyst for motivating plots. It can be more than just a plot device, however; it can have larger implications: incomplete ... s voyeurism sadistic: the mainstream cinema neutralizes and contains the woman's threat through the plot; the plot punishes the woman-kills her off, desexualizes her; the male character investigates, ...

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Imitation is Flattery: How The Commedia Dell'Arte Influenced the Work of Molière

deniable that the Italian Commedia Dell'Arte heavily influenced his writing through the characters, plot devices, and physical comedy. Commedia Dell' Arte, or "Comedy of the Artists", was popular befo ... lebrated works, Tartuffe and Don Juan. The similarities in Tartuffe are most noticeable through the plot, and the obvious connection to the stock characters from Commedia Dell'Arte. Although Don Juan ...

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