Mary Higgins Clark- We'll Meet Again

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We'll Meet Again begins with a brief prologue, a flashback to a sensational trial that occurred nearly six years before the novel begins. The flashback serves as a convenient plot device for conveying a great deal of necessary information in a compressed manner. The defendant, Molly Carpenter Lasch, is accused of murdering her husband, Dr. Gary Lasch, a prominent Greenwich, Connecticut, physician and founder of the Remington Health Management HMO, by crushing his skull with a heavy bronze sculpture. Her motive is precipitated by the discovery that a young nurse, Annamarie Scalli, was pregnant with his child. Traumatized by the horror of the crime and the nature of her losses, Molly slips into dissociative amnesia and depression and, unable to recall the events of the evening on which she had returned unexpectedly early from seclusion at their Cape Cod retreat, can do little to defend herself. In the face of mounting evidence against her, she had, after all, been found in bed covered with his blood.

Molly agrees to plead guilty to manslaughter to avoid a murder conviction and is sentenced to serve ten years for her crime.

Five and a half years later, on the date of her release on parole from Niantic Prison, Molly's story begins again and moves relentlessly to its conclusion. Still unable to recall the events of her husband's death, Molly is nevertheless convinced that she is innocent of his murder, and vows to clear her name by discovering the truth. Among the reporters covering Molly's startling assertion is Fran Simmons, an anchor for the True Crime television series that now plans a feature on the Lasch case. Eager to scoop the competition, Fran hopes that old school ties will help her to gain Molly's confidence. She is surprised nevertheless when Molly telephones her to...