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The Right to Choose. On euthanasia.

y be beneficial. The word "euthanasia" comes from the Greek word "thanatos," meaning death, and the prefix "eu," meaning well or easily. It can be defined as a gentle or easy death. As Encyclopedia Br ...

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Is Euthanasia Moral or Immoral?

e family members and friends. Euthanasia comes from the Greek word 'Thanatos' meaning death and the prefix 'eu' meaning easy or good (Russell 94). Thus, 'eu- Thanatos' meaning easy or good death. Euth ...

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The life of Desiderius Erasmus and the educational reform 16th Century

after the Middle Ages, its etymology comes from the French word naissance (birth) combined with the prefix re- (repetition), thus it means rebirth; it has been characterized by an interest in classica ...

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The life of the Great Shankaracharya.

ar. An avatar is a descent, a down-coming (from the verb tri, to cross over, attain, save, with the prefix ava, down; and so ava-tri descend into, appear, become incarnate). Can humans prove his exist ...

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Should The Internet Be Censored??

ugh pictures and/or words..." and the fact that it is viewable on the Internet is where the 'cyber' prefix comes into play (p. 36). Hacking is an act in which computer users get unauthorized access to ...

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Nanothechnology, present and future

dget, nano, and teks (technology), meaning to fabricate, or create. In metric terminology nano is a prefix, which refers to a billionth of, and in this case that is a billionth of a meter, a nanometer ...

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The advantages of the United States changing to the Metric System (SI Units).

esn't make any sense. The SI units deal with decimals, rather then fractions, it also used a set of prefixes to put before the number in order to declare its value; an example of this would be putting ... ld measure things knowing that they make sense, remembering that they are based on ten and a set of prefixes. I can there for conclude that the SI units are a overall more sensuous system of measureme ...

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Teleworking Opportunities at AT&T and their Benefits.

dless of whether that location is a home office or some other form of a telework center. The 'tele' prefix means 'distance,' so the 'telework' combination would refer to 'work at a distance.' It means ...

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Language in Advertising

advertisements, the advertising copywriter misspells some words on purpose, or adds some suffix or prefix to the common words. Although the new words still keep the original meanings, they are quite ...

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I wrote this for an assignment on the History of the Laser

Stimulated Emission of Radiation".He intended "aser" to be a suffix, to be used with an appropriate prefix for the spectrum of light emitted by the device (e.g. X-ray laser = xaser, UltraViolet laser ...

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A Better Life Feature Article: Utopia

” is a compound of the syllable eu, meaning good, and topos, meaning place. But the homonymous prefix ou, with the meaning “no,” also resonates in the word: the perfectly “good pla ...

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The Golden Arches: International Franchising

become a distinct character of international business and popular culture. The sign and the special prefix "Mc"� have been recognised and imitated everywhere over the world. As it is stated in ...

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Scarlet Letter Isolation

ere seems to be hardly a single computer that is not connected to the Internet. Although the inter- prefix suggests greater interaction between users of the Internet, recent studies have shown that mo ...

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Anarchist Feminism Vs. Cultural Feminism

human." (Addelson p.336) The word anarchist comes from archon meaning ruler and the addition of the prefix "an" meaning without. Therefore, logic follows that the first thing anarchist feminists want ...

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The Holocaust: Anti-Judaism vs. Modern Antisemitism

that may not have been so distinct from 100 BCE to Adolph Hitler’s time. We can start with the prefix that is similar between the two words, “anti”. This prefix means, “a person wh ...

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A Computer's Internet Protocol (IP) Address

npoint the specific computer or host within that network. An IPv6 address has three parts: a global prefix to identify the network, a subnet to identify the location within the network and the interfa ...

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