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Industry Project Report on the Australian Private Health Fund Industry

Executive SummaryPrivate Health Insurance occupies a significant but ambiguous position within Australia's health car ... ficant but ambiguous position within Australia's health care system. It is a voluntary facility for private funding of hospital care and ancillaries, sitting alongside a compulsory tax-financed public ... s, particularly among the young and healthy, has led to concerns about the longer term viability of private health insurance (Brisbane Institute, 2003). Some even see a crisis developing in the indust ...

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The Australian Government intends to sell Medibank Private. Describe why Medibank Private was originally established and critically discuss the Government's reasons for privatising this organisation.

Medibank Private has been Australia's largest and only national private health fund since it was established ... nment. It was set up for a combination of reasons, mainly that it would increase competition in the private health insurance sector and strengthen the government's capacity to reform and regulate the ... r, 1978, p.183). In April 2006 the commonwealth government announced its intention to sell Medibank private. It said there was a conflict of interest in being both the regulator of the whole private h ...

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se of the death of her father, Tayla and Judy were living on a pension and could not afford to have private health insurance.At school, Tayla was an ordinary teenager. She associated with a bunch of g ...

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Mental Health Parity Act

ectively passed the Mental Health Parity Act (MPHA) of 2007. If the Act passes, it will ensure that private health insurance plans provide equal coverage for mental health as it would for physical hea ... e extremely beneficial to social workers because it would allow a patient to see a social worker in private practice. This proposed legislation would allow social workers and other mental health profe ...

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What About Our Nation's Heroes?

et proposal is wrong because it will require veteran’s injured during active duty to use their private medical insurance pay for medical care required for their service-related injuries.As of rig ... rtment of Veteran’s Affairs and non-military related ailments are sent onto the veteran’s private health insurance companies. President Obama’s Department of Veteran’s Affairs budg ...

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Regulatory Agency Paper

pients get the best health care within reason and to keep the cost down for those who cannot afford private health insurance. (2009). Absolute astronomy.HistoryThe Medicare and Medicaid programs were ... d Medicaid Services show how the slump in the economy is anticipated to involve both the people and private health care spending as more of the American people lose their health insurance and as feder ...

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