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First generation of computers

fy unfriendlyaircraft and direct interceptor fighters to their projected locations. It was tobe the prototype for a network of computers and radar sites (SAGE) actingas an important element of U.S. ai ...

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Families portraid in Roddy Doyles books. A comparrison of the snapper, "The Commitments", "The Snapper and The Van"

family these days? Perhaps it is becauserelationships between family members are assumed to be the prototype for all othersocial relations. In the novels, The Commitments, The Snapper and The Van, Ro ...

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s possible. Once he reached the ventilator above the leader's bedroom he unveiled his device, a new prototype developed by his agency. This devise would unscrew and disable any form of fastener. Using ...

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History of porsche

tude, so they discontinued them. At the time Porschedidn't have enough capital to continue with the prototype that they made so they put the designon hold for a while. While they were waiting to make ...

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Development of the Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile

leather-covered rowboat built by Cornelius Drebbel. After Robert Fulton came up with a more modern prototype in 1800, the military advantages of a nearly invisible warship were quickly divined. Howev ...

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Walking Into Spiderwebs

ity to do so without harming the environment.In order to use biomimtech methods, first, we need the prototype to base our synthetic spider web on. The silk is originally in liquid form, and produced t ...

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ing material onto the canvas.Before his 50th birthday, the Spaniard from Malaga had become the very prototype of the modern artist as public figure. No painter before him had had a mass audience in hi ...

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The Influence of Beccaria and Voltaire.

ociety, concepts are hardly ever in their original form. It is extremely rare for anything to be in prototype form. Most ideas are based upon prior thoughts and beliefs. Even documents that our societ ...

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The High-Speed rail and the TGV

he French were experimenting into new techniques like gas turbine for propulsion. In 1972, an early prototype of the TGV powered by gas-turbine was being tested and reached speeds of 318 km/h. But the ...

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Benjamin Franklin - A man before his time!

author was Joseph Addison, and he basically memorized the English Spectator. Benjamin provided the prototype for qualities that in his day, and ever since has been regarded as characteristically Amer ...

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The Ladies and Emily based on "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner. Has MLA format and documentation.

Faulkner uses the same setting in many of his stories. Because his great-grandfather had been "the prototype of the Southern gentleman" (William 3), Faulkner typically writes about the Old South. In ...

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I have Gold Gold Gold

at and a wagon. It seemed like a good idea on paper; after all, it can be very windy in the West. A prototype was built and for a brief moment it barreled across the plains at the advertised 15 miles- ...

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The HDTV Debate

ring the 1970s. Most broadcasters around the world showed little interest. Due to the high cost and prototype sets involved. (Given, J 1998)HDTV is just one of the many aspects digital television has ...

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A critical evaluation of one of the theoretical approaches used to describe pattern/object recognition.

in memory, and finding a match. There are three approaches within pattern recognition; template and prototype theories, feature comparison theories and structural theories. The focus of this essay is ... n.Feature comparison models were developed in response to the many problems found with template and prototype theories. Template theory proposed that humans have separate rigid templates in their long ...

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The New Deal for Lone Parents.

nal NDLP programme was implemented in October 1998, although it already had been operating in eight prototype areas from July 1997 and for new and repeat claimants from May 1998. The government has cl ...

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Development of the Submarine.

leather-covered rowboat built by Cornelius Drebbel. After Robert Fulton came up with a more modern prototype in 1800, the military advantages of a nearly invisible warship were quickly divined. Howev ...

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Chicago Theatre: The history of and a short guide to experiencing it.

he World". The Chicago Theatre was the first lavish movie complex in America and quickly became the prototype for all others to follow. It was built in a grandiose French Baroque style and even has a ...

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Gender and Cross-Cultural Differences In Identifying Prototypes

AbstractThe concept formations of prototypes are typically thought to be associated with previously explored subjects. This experiment ... he hypothesis of the researchers that gender and cultural differences would be found in identifying prototypes, this study found no significant variations.IntroductionA prototype is defined as being " ... d be something to the effect of a mandarin orange.Past studies have focused on what features form a prototype and this has established a background to experiment on other aspects that may be involved ...

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The implied author in Paul Auster's, "City of Glass", Written for Literary Theory

Disintegration of the VernacularCity of Glass presents a new prototype of the typical detective novel. It is greatly concerned with the relationship between the ... ing for a transcendental end, as Derrida would put it. Is there satisfaction to be had in the novel prototype Auster has chosen to practice?The overwhelming sense of instability both of character and ...

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Introduction of consumer product; a brand new brand clock to compete with existing brands(in the Australian market, or any other market)

eir needs. Benefits include: having an alarm clock for all the basic needs of today's life.An early prototype of the alarm clock was invented by the Greeks around 250 BC. The Greeks built a water cloc ...

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