Benjamin Franklin - A man before his time!

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Benjamin Franklin was a great scientist, philosopher, diplomat, author, and our first national humorist. He was ultimately a man before his time. Benjamin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706 to Abiah Floger of Nantucket, a discreet and virtuous woman, according to Franklin, and Josiah, a candle maker and mechanic. Benjamin Franklin was the eighth of their ten children, and was denied a formal education by his family's poverty. Franklin learned much of what he knew by reading books and periodicals. His favorite author was Joseph Addison, and he basically memorized the English Spectator. Benjamin provided the prototype for qualities that in his day, and ever since has been regarded as characteristically American. Benjamin Franklin also had a worldwide fame for his insatiable curiosity. Franklin never stopped considering things he could not explain. He was always devising experiments to held him understand the world around him, making the world his laboratory.

Benjamin Franklin could not look at anything with out wondering what is, how it got that way, and what makes it tick.

One could say Benjamin Franklin was one of the greatest fighters in the Revolutionary War. Although he did not fight physically with weapons, he powerfully fought with words. Among many revolutionary contributions, he helped design and sign the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin also secured financial and physical aid from France for the war cause, lifted many laws that were pushed on the colonies by the King of England, and signed The Constitution of the United States of America. When he met with the assembly meeting over the Declaration of Independence, he addressed the delegates, saying, "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."( If Ben Franklin had not participated in the politics of the American Revolution the Americans could have lost...