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Love vs. Enmity

s the Montague's maintain about Capulet's. "This, by his voice, should be a Montague. / Fetch me my rapier, boy. / .../ To strike him dead I hold it not a sin." (I.5.53-58) Tybalt, cousin of Juliet, i ...

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History on Chinese martial art - Wushu (powerpoint slide)

lance, staff, great broadsword, spear, halberd, fork, trident and spade. Short weapons broadsword, rapier, hatchet, hammer, truncheon, jointed bludgeon, dagger and shield. Soft weapons Rope, chains, ... flying hammers, the rope dart, flying claw and ordinary flail. Twin weapons twin broadswords, twin rapiers, twin hooks, twin bludgeons, twin bent handled clubs, twin lances, twin hatchets, twin dagge ...

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Analysis of “Adventures of an Indian Princess”, By Patricia Riley

rotagonist, Arletta finds herself sandwiched between her foster sisters on a car trip, with Jackson Rapier at the helm and wife by his side as they end up exploring 'by providence' an absolutely authe ... culture. Riley uses a clever literary device in the choice for the name of the foster family, as a rapier is in fact the name for a short sword…and this family does indeed live up to this as i ...

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