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The Vergulde Draeck

e East Indies. Having had no way of measuring longitude and distance accurately the vessel struck a reef off the coast Western Australia north of Yanchep near Ledge Point. It began to break up immedia ... eck site covers an area 50 metres long by 40 metres wide, this ship is on one side on by honey cone reef. The shallowest part of the reef is less than 1 metre at low tide. The maximum depth over the s ...

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The Strength Of a Woman This writing relates to the novel, Reef, written by Romesh Gunesekera. Talks about the character of Miss Nili's role as a woman

ng their way with a companion to share it with just like Mister Salgado and Miss Nili in the novel, Reef, by Romesh Gunesekera.I love Miss Nili and the influence she brings to Triton and Mister Salgad ... Miss Nili and the influence she brings to Triton and Mister Salgado. Her ideas on saving the coral reefs and helping out Mister Salgado prove how passionate her character is. She brings sunshine with ...

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The Exxon Valdez oil spill.

e across icebergs. The ship left the channel to avoid them but never went back. The ship then hit a reef.Approximately eleven million gallons of oil was spilled from the ship. This is like 125 Olympic ...

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"Finding Nemo" movie review

"Wow, wow wow," said Marlin the happy and proud clown fish, as he looked upon a large pink reef which he had picked out for his new family. "We'll name one of them Nemo," boosted Marlin of hi ...

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A short essay about corals.

Tropical seas are renowned for their variety of colour and fascinating marine life. Coral reefs have a unique place in this aquatic world and indeed their surrounding environment. Despite it ... actually a marine animal of the invertebrate species having no spinal columns, like jellyfish. Coralreefs are sensitive ecosystems, which are under treat from human and natural elements alike. Reefs h ...

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Marine Ecology - Port Noarlunga Reef: Should it remain a reserve?

Port Noarlungareef should essentially remain a reserve and not endangered by vile acts by humans. The unique Reef ... of Adelaide's main attractions. Therefore it has a right to be free of endangerment.Port Noarlunga Reef was established in 1971, on the eastern side of Gulf St Vincent. This narrow reef was known to ... ide of Gulf St Vincent. This narrow reef was known to be formed from a sand dune; thus, a sandstone reef. The reef is 1.6km long, lying 400m offshore. Although permitted activities such as fishing are ...

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Under African skies

t to sea. At the same time an enthusiastic group of divers depart on a 8 mile trip to a captivating reef inside the bay.As the divers plunge into the dark blue crystal clear water they are almost imme ... is level to admire these awesome creatures of the depths. Once again the divers descend down to the reef which is roughly 20 meters below the extensive surface of the ocean. The divers now adjust ther ...

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Mantis Shrimp

spend most of their lives in one burrow or cave whereas other mantis will walk and swim around the reef floor these ones though will still have a burrow to retreat to if there is danger.Some species ... are no big threat to them is that they have such high populations. They are quite hard to find in a reef this helps with their survival.The mantis shrimps future will not really change from what its l ...

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