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Hercules' 12 Labors

hatred of Hercules, sent him into madness, which made him kill his wife and children. In horror and remorse at what he did, Hercules was about to kill himself. But he was told by the oracle at Delphi ...

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ualed Athena's skill in a contest, and in response to Athena's anger she hanged herself. In belated remorse Athena changed the body of Arachne into a spider and allowed her to retain her weaving skill ...

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The Loss of Humanity in MacBeth

thefocus of everyone's fear and anger, because he loses his human characteristics ofconscience and remorse.As the play starts Macbeth is very human; he has feelings and friends and he is a war-hero. ... d confronting his ghost Macbeth breaksdown for the last time. At this point Macbeth's last shred of remorse are nearly gone. Hiswife dies and he barely cares, and then he orders Macduff's family to be ...

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rinculo and Stephano. They are chased by dogs but their physical trauma has not induced any sign of remorse or guilt. Ferdinand, on the other hand, is overcome by emotional suffering at the 'loss' of ... tian, who are equally guilty, is affected in this way. They remain impenitent. Their incapacity for remorse is punished, Ariel suggests by a 'ling' ring perdition, worse than any death.' ( Tempest, II ...

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Macbeth- Choices

play put them in a position which they could not escape. In most of these cases the character feels remorse for the choice they had made. The characters that I will be concentrating on are Macbeth, Ma ...

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"Jacob's Ladder"

ing at peace with yourself at death allows the transition to your afterlife to run smoothly without remorse. Heaven is seen as a good place, a place of inner tranquillity where there is no pain. The c ...

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

ture takes place at the resolution of the piece as the hero, Sir Gawain, is stricken with shame and remorse rather than modest knightly pride, even after facing what appears to be certain death and re ...

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An Essay on Oedipus Rex

criteria for a tragedy: a tragic hero of noble birth, a tragic flaw, a fall from grace, amoment of remorse, and catharsis.Oedipus Rex clearly meets the first of these five criteria. Oedipus is the so ... goes on to make absolutely sure, even though it is obvious that he was Lauis'skiller.The moment of remorse comes at the end of the story, when one of the servantswho had accompanied Laius on his fina ...

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A critical analysis of Lady Macbeth

hing she could share her evil with Macbeth. "Make thick my blood, Stop up the access and passage to remorse"(Act I, 5, ll 43-44). These statements show Lady Macbeth wanting more evil by asking for her ... for her blood to stop the passage through her heart, so she can continue her evil ways without any remorse or guilt. Although Lady Macbeth is evil, she doesn't express this trait to the public, but a ...

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Scrooges Ghosts - An analisys of their effects

gradually, probably because they where not really 'fueled' by fear of what might be, but instead by remorse for things he had already done. Not until the second and third spirits visit Scrooge can a t ... took everything from his curtains to the sheets on his bed, a bed he was lying dead in, and had no remorse for it. In fact they made jokes about his death saying they just hoped it wasn't contagious. ...

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the gothic setting of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Frankenstein is an innovative and disturbing work thatweaves a tale of passion, misery, dread, and remorse. Shelly reveals thestory of a man's thirst for knowledge which leads to a monstrous creation ...

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Fantasy's integral role in the creation of a killer

tasy plays a very important role in creating and ormodeling a serial killer and it is shown through remorse, uniform andweather or not they have or follow a trademarked style. All of theseelements com ... rial killers grow up in violenthouseholds one might say that the killer does not or even can't feel remorsebecause violence is what they were brought up in and to believe is true soit is what they hav ...

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The Effects of Prejudice in "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee

his activity'(Lee, 11). Boo just sat there after stabbing his father. He did not apologize or feel remorse for his actions.Boo Radley isolates himself from the people of Maycomb. Boo stays inside his ...

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Analytical paper on the tragic figure of Lancelot in T.H White's "Once And Future King"

ness by performing Herculean feats and good deeds. And the twilight years of his life were spent in remorse for the bad things he had done. Although held up to almost godlike stature in T.H. White's n ...

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The bubonic plague

(Hindley 103) was one of the major scourges of the Middle Ages. It killed indiscriminately without remorse or thought of consequences. Because the plague was so widespread, theories about causes, bla ...

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Essay and outline of Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe

injured eye, being pale white, and deformed, drove him to slay the old man. He even shows a hint of remorse for killing the old man. Yet, in the end his sins drive him to extreme paranoia.The interest ...

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Tone Analysis for the Prince of Tides (This essay talks about the peaceful yet remorseful attitude shown by the author in the story.)

e reader have a respect for the land, also. The narrator expresses his feelings of peacefulness and remorse in his work.Conroy's diction displays his feelings of remorse and peacefulness. For example, ... rthermore, when he says, "all eagles are safe from me," he shows both a feeling of peacefulness and remorse. He knows his actions were wrong but knowing he won't do it again gives him peace from withi ...

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Humility. Lear and Gloucester's JourneyBased on Shakespeare's King Lear. Describe King Lear and Gloucester's journey from arrogance to humility and to eventual wisdom.

shown through their loss of power and resulting empathy and lastly, their wisdom displayed through remorse and reconciliation.Lear and Gloucester begin their journey as egotistical characters. Each o ... nally obtain true wisdom and insight. These lessons are shown through the men's new ability to feel remorse. Lear's wisdom is evident in his reconciliation with his daughter Cordelia. When the two fin ...

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This is an analytical essay on Beowulf and the role of evil versus good. It talks about how evil is needed to define the good guy.

es. These God-cursed brutes, rule in defiance, gruesomely slaughter, mangle and murder, yet show no remorse.They are the enemy; they are the evil. There is an important connection between the enemy an ...

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The Holocaust: As depicted through the movie Schindler's List. How Schindler risked his own life, how was a hero, and how he protected the lives of the innocent

he true meaning of the word Holocaust is expressed, chills run down the backs of young children and remorse occupies the hearts of numerous families. While at the same time, for these families to endu ...

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