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Musicology - bebop. a brief description and history of the 'bebop' jazz style.

understanding of jazz theory; complex instrumental melodies were introduced; complicated chords and rhythms were added to the rhythm section; and a cult of serious jazz musicians evolved. It grew out ... n technique and complex harmonies, rather than on singable melodies. There was more emphasis on the rhythm section, and phrases in the music were often irregular in length, making it unsuitable for da ...

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African American Music.

harmonies were similar to those of the blues or hymns in that they shared the same simplicity, the rhythm was much different. The rhythms often times had the music with its unique accents, the speech ... ter which brought along with it synchronized movements. (2) The gospel piano style was based on the rhythm section concept, where the middle of the piano was used to support the singers. This area sup ...

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Analysis Of Miles Davis' "Kind Of Blue"

avis put together an all-star lineup with some of the greatest jazz musicians in music history. The rhythm section was composed of Paul Chambers on bass, Jimmy Cobb on drums, and Bill Evans on piano, ... music they produced was incredible.If "Kind of Blue"� is a musical journey, then surely the rhythm section is the flight crew, insuring that the passengers have a smooth ride. Throughout the e ...

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Music Groups

xed by a twelve inch piece of black vinyl spinning at 33 and one third revolutions per minute. The rhythm section hijacks time and space. Duos like McCartney and Starr, Wright and Morello, Jones and ... azz. My life was changed. Dave Brubeck is the epitomy of the nature of jazz music. In rock, most rhythm sections (drums and bass) are time keepers. Brubeck’s quartet employed time thieves. Euge ...

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The History of Jazz

was also the New Orleans Jazz band which has consists of two parts which are the front line and the rhythm section. In the 1920s Jazz spread all over the country, with musicians who were great like Ki ...

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Bebop Jazz and its Influence

different than swing band music. It had faster tempos, complex harmonies, elaborate melodies and a rhythm section. According to America's Musical Landscape, a typical bebop combo consisted of a trump ...

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