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Many homeschoolers are teaching their children through an approach called unschooling.

lain why.When people ask me what unschooling is, I tell them that it is where we "create a learning rich environment and then let the kids go." Kids are naturally curious. I believe God made them that ... ltiplication tables "just for fun.Second, there is an environmental component. We create a learning rich environment. Everything in our home has educational value. Some of what we have fosters creativ ...

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"The Carpet" by Poul Watts.

en you read be-tween the lines something lies beneath the surface.This story takes places in a very rich environment. The family consisting of a mother and her son have at least one storey with an app ... th an apparently expensive carpet leading down the stairs to the entrance. Another argument for how rich this family are is the tennis lawn we hear about. "A tremendous carpet. Bigger than the tennis ...

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"A Solid Home" by Elena Garro: The two most important tools that Garro employs to create the world of 'A Solid Home'

ould only work when presented in a specific atmosphere/ theatrical world. In order to generate this rich environment Garro uses vivid imagery and a distinct setting.This nine page, one-act play explor ...

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The World Wide Web Assists Pornographers and Sexual tourism

n thirty had received an aggressive solicitation" (Taylor & Gollwizer, 1993).With such a target rich environment are the number of pornographers and child sexual tourism increasing or are we just ...

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Sewage Scientific Report - Treatment plant.

terium is used thoroughly. It helps in the purification process in which it is thrived in an oxygen-rich environment, and then it helps breaking down the wastes into carbon dioxide, water, nitrates an ...

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Emergent Literacy in preschool New Zealand

ital literacy within a centre environment. I will also illustrate the best way to create a literacy rich environment while maintaining a holistic approach.The first six years of our lives are a time o ... to operate". (p. 60).Hamer and Adams (2003) believe, "the overall aim of educators is to develop a rich literacy culture within their centre that reflects the wider society, as well as the child's co ...

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The Promise of Truly Advanced Broadband

the Internet; its applications and services will be continuously accessible. It’s also a services-rich environment, supporting IP multicast, the next-generation Internet protocol called IPv6, networ ... er effect of this National Science Foundation–supported project is its dominant use by students, enriching the education of the next generation of scientists. These students have, for example, develo ...

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Teaching models of Taylor, Kohlberg, Treffinger and Guilford

evaluate.With learning measured in this way, teachers have a better ability to set up a curriculum rich environment that is suitable to meet the needs of the child, and be aware of the children that ... er to maximise effective planning of learning activities. Perhaps this could be put to use in and enrichment programme of the 4 year old child.This is very important in early childhood, and Te Whā ...

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