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An essay on the Representation of Virtue in Pamela and in one Literary Response to Pamela:

In Pamela, Richardson sets up an interesting conflict between the idea of the definition of virtue, and what se ... proclamation of virtue and self righteous appraisal can do to taint this notion. By many accounts, Richardson was a feminist who believed in strict morals, and who's most despicable characters still ... whether these are shown in a convincing light through the novel is clearly an issue to be debated. Richardson seems to suggest that virtue is not an amalgamation of manners, ideals, and principals wh ...

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No Heros No Villians

stice system.Throughout this book there are many important details leading up to the trial of James Richardson. James Richardson was the accused in the case of the deceased NY Police Officer John Skag ... o the subway he had noticed a tall black male, with short hair, a dark complexion and a round face. Richardson was wearing dark pants and a waist-length green dashiki. Tucked in his waist was a nickel ...

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Personal Reflection on the Entrepreneur Interview

My interviewee is Mr. Keith Richardson who is CEO and founder of Sierra Trading Post in Cheyenne, WY. The type of business is Ca ... type of business is Catalog Company and the company have operated for 18 years, started in 1986.Mr. Richardson raised some interesting and valuable perspectives during the interview. First, he pointed ... out my life but I always feel confused and lack of confidence to make a decision. However, when Mr. Richardson said that "I always had a desire to be an entrepreneur, that's why I took accounting." I ...

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