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This is a film review on "This Is Spinal Tap", directed by Rob Reiner, which is a cult favourite around the world.

triangle), and Derek plays the "luke-warm water" middleman.The director in the film, Marty DiBergi (Rob Reiner), brilliantly captures the satire throughout scenes that ridicule the life, including the ... test (maybe it's all the drugs?). The stupidity of the rock stars then streamed into communication problems, such as, the eighteen-inch Stonehenge monument.Despite all of the success of the movie, the ...

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Stand By me Movie Review- This review tells the struggle of Friendship and How they all the friends struggle with some loss.

Struggle of FriendshipRob Reiner writes Stand By me script who also wrote Princess Bride, which is also very exciting and ...

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Friendship is a lifelong experience which is all-important

individual. This statement will be explored in four texts; two films called Stand By Me directed by Rob Reiner and Men In Black directed by Barry Sonnenfield, and two novels called Walking Naked by Al ...

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Its a Good thing Harry Met Sally

est romantic-comedy ever made, but it certainly falls right into the category of "classics". Genius Rob Reiner ("The American President") directs us into the lives of Harry and Sally, and also feature ...

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Stand By Me Film Review

Director: Rob ReinerStars: Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Jerry O’Connell, Corey FeldmanLength: 85 MinutesGe ... eAge Certificate: 15Star rating:Based on Stephen King’s novella ‘The Body’, director Rob Reiner's Stand by Me is the disarmingly tender and subtly uplifting story of four pre-pubescent ... ecomes a race to see who’ll be able to recover the body first, but will it all end in conflict?Rob Reiner creates the characters brilliantly by appealing them to the adult audience reminiscing ab ...

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