Stand By me Movie Review- This review tells the struggle of Friendship and How they all the friends struggle with some loss.

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Struggle of Friendship

Rob Reiner writes Stand By me script who also wrote Princess Bride, which is also very exciting and great movie. It is based on Stephen King's novella (which is a thin book) "The Body" The artists purpose is to scare people and to give people a thrill but the book is more scary then the movie. The book was written at the start of Stephen King's career so it is not that scary. The purpose of this movie was good; it did its purpose mostly. This movie was set out to give people something to watch and so you don't have to read the book, but books are always better because they describe it better then in a movie. This movie is about the joys and pains of boyhood friendship. The main thing they do is who take an overnight hike through the woods near their Oregon town to find the body of a boy who's been missing for days.

Of course while on this trip they race a train, get chased by a mean dog that has been said to be trained to bite certain parts of the body and a run in with a whole lot of leeches. This movie is defiantly a thing every person should see, it has action but nothing to scary to make people have nightmares. It also tells you about the Friendship of young friends who all have had a bad thing happen in their life. The main themes of friendship, family, and the building of character and self- esteem. So it is all good. Two good movies by one writer! All Great minds that think alike will like this movie. This movie will keep people from 10 to 90 years of age, entertained for the whole thing. No boring...