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Achilles, The Super Yuppie

tered that he kills in battle for glory, not honor; that Achilles is the first yuppie, according to Russell Baker; and that Homer does not like Achilles as much as he seems to like Hector or even othe ... ng to pay for the affronts Troy has done to him - to Achilles!" (qtd. from "Homer's First Yuppie" - Russell Baker)Homer also seems to play favorites between the characters. Homer always refers to Hect ...

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Russell Baker and the Great Depression

Many citizens never really had to face the hardship like others were forced to face. People such as Russell Baker had to overcome many obstacles during this time. "Growing Up" by Russell Baker ... iar and confusing to many young adults. While the United States is vastly changing from war to war, Russell tells his story of growing up in an extremely devastating environment. During the Depression ...

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When Bad Kitties Turn Good

that the child will somehow take on some piece of her soul and desire. In Amy Tan's "Two Kinds" and Russell Baker's "Gumption," this story of a mother's dream for what is best for her child, and the c ...

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Growing Up

¡§For God sake, Russell, you¡¦ve got a good mind and you¡¦re destroying it reading that tr ... his direction, Uncle Charlie says, ¡§Here, read something worthwhile.¡¨ Young Russell Baker reads Franklin¡¦s biography only until his Uncle leaves the room, at whic ... odel for his own success. Like Franklin, Baker rises from rags to something very close to riches.If Russell himself lacks the confidence and initiative necessary to make his way in the world, Lucy Eli ...

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child abuse

Saidee SolanoProfessor DillonEnglish 6012 March 2014Reading Response #2In "Learning to Write," Russell Baker takes us back in time to his experience in Mr. Fleagles eleventh grade English class. ... to all the kids of the town Mr. Fleagle had the most boring un-motivating English class on campus. Russell goes on to describe how he was dreading the class and reading Shakespeare's novel Macbeth, " ...

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