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The Unokai

olved in the attack which led to the killing. Although his arguments presented in a 1988 article of Science magazine do not go into great detail about the process of gaining the title of unokai, he ce ...

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Nature at it's finest; Natural causes of global temperature fluctuations.

Gail McDonald, President of the Global Climate Coalition quotes Science magazine with, "Many climate experts caution that it is not at all clear yet that human acti ...

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Ozone Depletion

on who does not have any existing knowledge on the subject.The other source I used was a well known science magazine called Nature. This magazine didn't go as in depth as the text book about explainin ...

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America In 100 Yrs

100 years. Betsy Carpenter, a staff writer for "U.S. News and World Report" and editor for "Science" magazine stated that with more people in America there would be more pollution. She was ref ...

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Pompe Disease

called aglucosidase alfa that has been approved by the FDA to treat the disease.In an article from Science Magazine, in 1996, a Dutch biotechnology firm planned to invest in a facility for milking ra ... 98.Works Cited"M"Learning About Pompe." Pompe Community. 2008. 2 Oct. 2008 .“Milking Bunnies." Science Magazine. 6 Dec. 1996. 2 Oct. 2008 "Pompe Disease Information Page." National Institute of N ...

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ured patient of being healthy. To conduct the research on this illness, I found an article in a non-science magazine "New York," a peer reviewed journal about this topic and an Internet based journal ...

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Human Cloning

ldwide interest and concern because of its scientific and ethical implications. The feat, cited by "Science Magazine" as the "breakthrough of 1997", also generated uncertainty over the meaning of "clo ... tion Source: The Center for Genetics and Society, Human Cloning and Genetic Modification: The Basic Science You Need to Know [online] Available from URL: ...

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The Effects of Affluenza on Our Fragile Environment

t reason of environmental change, scarcity of biodiversity and the heritage of leaving offspring'. (Science Magazine, 29)Impacts of Affluenza on EnvironmentDefining and spreading impact of Affluenza a ... ir values from the very beginning to convince them that progress is defined by what they consume'. (Science Magazine, 29)It is of great importance to understand the symptoms of Affluenza: shopping fev ...

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reason of environmental change, scarcity of biodiversity and the "heritage" of leaving offspring. (Science Magazine, 29)Impacts of Affluenza and Environmental Pollution on HumanDefining and spreading ... ir values from the very beginning to convince them that progress is defined by what they consume'. (Science Magazine, 29)Social columnist Jeremy Rifkin says during the nineteenth century, consumption ...

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