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An analysis of the technical codes in the opening sequence of the 2001 remake of the film 'Thir13en Ghosts'

, superstition, and fear.The camera opens with an establishing shot of the location, in this case a scrap yard. It is set at night and the lighting is low key. The main colours are black and grey, per ... h reminds me of Halloween – dark, evil, scary, etc.The camera then pans through more stacks of scrapped cars, and we can see yellow tape moving in the wind. The scrapped cars have connotations of ...

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Nucor Corporation

rly extensive and acts to moderate the otherwise strong bargaining power of suppliers. The price of scrap steel is a key input for mini-mills, and rising scrap prices affect their competitiveness to a ... business by building new plants under served geographic areas close to customers and/or supplies of scrap steel. It grows the business by expanding into additional product segments. It aggressively pu ...

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Car scrapping behaviour, post WW2: Econometrics

Aman Gopal (A005) Determinants of Scrapping Rates for Post-War Vintage Automobiles Part I: Introduction The paper, published in 1977 e ... -War Vintage Automobiles Part I: Introduction The paper, published in 1977 examines the behavior of scrapping rates for domestically manufactured postwar vintage automobiles in the United States. Scra ... capital management which involves a purchase decision, maintenance and repair decisions and finally scrapping of the automobile which may coincide with a replacement decision. Though an automobile may ...

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