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Stakeholders are in a business and what the companies responsabilities are to these stakeholders.

r group that has an interest (vested or not), in a company. Some people equate a stakeholder with a shareholder of a specific company. These people would be right, for the shareholder has a vested int ... ization has a great responsibility to each and everyone of these groups. First and foremost, to the shareholders the organization has a duty and responsibility to make a profitable return on their inv ...

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The different types of fraud that were committed by Enron.

................... 11-12THE FRAUDS AT ENRONEnron committed all types of fraud, from mail fraud and shareholder fraud to security, wire fraud and money laundering. While analyzing these frauds it will ... wire communication facilities in carrying out a scheme to defraud."(Lectric Law Library), and that shareholder fraud is" when the employees of a corporation deliberately deceive the company's shareho ...

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About Corporate Citizenship .

, and the natural environment.What about the argument that a company's primary obligation is to its shareholders?Evidence suggests that when a company invests in socially responsible business practice ... ble business practices, the benefit to society bounces back to the company -- and ultimately to the shareholder.Socially responsible companies achieve a number of benefits, including:*Enhanced reputat ...

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The following paper evaluates a study that was conducted to find out ways which enables large firms to resolve the problem of having managers whose objectives differ from the firm owners.

ther words, problem arises when the objectives of those managing the firm differ from the owners or shareholders. The study makes use of agency theory analyses to address the problem. "There are two p ... analyses to address the problem. "There are two parties involved in agency theory: the principal or shareholder and the agent or manager" (Jo E. & Charlie W., 1995). The agents in this case includ ...

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Managerial Behavior

of the managerial behaviour are by no means unconstrained. On one hand they are constrained by the shareholder, involuntary takeover, and by the debt market through threat of capital starvation while ... mation and managers are subjected to bounded rationality.Because the contracts between managers and shareholders are unavoidably incomplete as future contingencies are hard to describe, shareholders m ...

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Compare the accounts of two major supermarkets

permarkets, Morrisons plc and Somerfield plc, for a potential investor who wishes to become a minor shareholder in one of the two company's. To perform this investigation the 2002 financial accounts o ... o the long term investor, as it enquires whether their money is being put to good use.The Return on Shareholders Funds, tries to identify the profit and therefore the return due to the shareholders of ...

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This essay identifes what white collar (or corporate) crime is, how it is allowed to exist, its effects and how better the problem could be dealt with, including legislative reform.

ory control that has led to serious community detriment including death, serious injury and massive shareholder losses following the collapse of giant transnational corporations both in Australia and ... n the guilty simply write the fine off as a business expense then pass on the cost to consumers and shareholders. This is a sound argument for making individuals responsible and imposing severe penalt ...

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Company Law

undisclosed interest in his consideration of acquiring Quality because he is a director and a major shareholder in Quality's and it is his family company. Thus sections 191 (1) and (3) which deals wit ... which deals with disclosure of material personal interest and requires ratification of actions from shareholder is applicable yet Bing breached this duty. Thus failure to disclose interests will give ...

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What could be the consequences arising from domination by a single wealthy individual of, for example, digital satellite TV?

through a legal standpoint, a company who dominated the market (keeping in mind the CEO or biggest shareholder as the "owner" or single individual who dominates) would be classified as a monopoly. A ...

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Westmills Carpets Limited

to achieve on-time delivery and reliable product quality.Why should it be done?First, the degree of shareholder commitment would be impressive if CED is prepared to supply additional capital and perso ... s need a turnaround leader to bring order to chaos. Derek, VP of CED is a good candidate to satisfy shareholders and bankers.Secondly, Westmills has limitation in their equipment to produce multicolou ...

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The body Shop strategic analysis

s. Losing touch with these values could cause a loss of reputation, however, clinging to them above shareholder's value is also detrimental.Loss of Image (CI#4) - The Body Shop's image seems to be und ... e financial and human needs of their stakeholders: employees, customers, franchisees, suppliers and shareholders.Ø To ensure that their business is ecologically sustainable: meeting the needs o ...

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British Airways VS Ryanair.

a financial analysis on both companies from users perspective: long-term investment for the common shareholder, creditors, analysts and providers.Industry OverviewThe airline industry, as many indust ... made. We consider that this debt has been used successfully due to financial leverage the return to shareholders has increased, even if the overall amount of debt has increased.For RA, the debt has re ...

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The Big Fallacy: Al Dunlap's ineffective effectiveness approach at Sunbeam.

nge within the company with the aim of increasing organisational effectiveness, which meant for him shareholder's revenue. However, an evaluation of the company's effectiveness with the strategic cons ... s no balance between the degrees of satisfaction of all relevant constituencies. Moreover, even the shareholder's initial satisfaction changed with the time, since the share price decreased significan ...

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DaimlerChrysler Corporation.

ing within their ranks. Between January 20, 1999 and March 5, 2001 DC has been sued by its number 1 shareholder, projected losses in the million to billion dollar areas, made joint ventures with its c ... ishi Motors Corporation to share research and development costs and to combine purchasing volumes.* Shareholders: All the different people who have direct ownership in the organization.Outer stakehold ...

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Inventory Methods

n efficient capital market, what effect should the alternative policies have on security prices and shareholder wealth?* Why is the management compensation agreement potentially counter-productive as ... s, when in reality they do not. In this case higher net income might increase share prices and thus shareholder wealth even though it might actually be better for the business to keep tax liabilities ...

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Gametronics report

urrently heard rumors that Sony Corp. is planning to partake in a hostile takeover of GT. The major shareholder of GT, Martin Fueller, will not support this takeover, provided management of GT produce ... , selling 57.5 percent of his shares, but was able to maintain effective control as no other single shareholder held more than 20 percent of the stock. In 1994, Harold Green announced that he was leav ...

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Is the Corporate Strategy of Downsizing Unethical?

zing for any reason, saying that business have other responsibilities that extend beyond maximizing shareholder pay outs. The second will take a more in depth look at questioning the morality of downs ...

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Is Issue 1 Ok?

heir responsibilities outside of making a profit is introduced. Street explains that the out dated "shareholder" theory of maximizing profits has been replaced with a newer, bolder theory known as the ... heory. Now these may not sound different, but in retrospect are complete opposites. The traditional shareholder theory implies that a company should work only for the share, or stockholders and work a ...

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Binding of contract - Prudent Bank Ltd v Freehills Antiques Pty Ltd

In this case, Freddy and Fiona are the officers and shareholders of Freehills Antiques Pty Ltd. Freddy, managing director as well, got into a contract w ... d Felicity. As mentioned in the case that Freddy is the managing director of the company and also a shareholder of Freehills Antiques Pty Ltd. Although all the major decisions were made by Fiona, but ...

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Case Study: Gulf Oil Corporation

pent should have resulted in an increase in the company's performance represented in an increase in shareholder's wealth. That was not the case with Gulf. The management of Gulf was spending huge amou ... ack to the expenditure on exploration activities, we will find out that on per share basis, it cost shareholders $91. The amount is derived as per below:Per share exploration expenditure= Total explor ...

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