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This is a book report of All Quiet on the Western Front, by Maria Remarque, on of the best War novels of all time.

ovels of all time. It is a story, not of Germans, but of men, who even though they may have escaped shells, were destroyed by the war. The entire purpose of this novel is to illustrate the vivid horro ... hem because the only thing they need to know is how to survive. They need to know how to escape the shells as well as the emotional and psychological torment of the war.The war takes a heavy toll on t ...

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Discuss Crane's treatment of nature in The Red Badge of Courage and Henry's shifting attitudes towards it

ts "[spring up] like strange plants. Camp fires, like red, peculiar blossoms, [dot] the night". The shells "[look] to be strange war flowers bursting into fierce bloom". Crane goes as far as to name w ...

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Terminology used in Chemistry.

ization energy: decreases when going down the group because when going down the group the number of shells around the atomic radius increases and the outer electrons become weakly attracted by the nuc ...

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Trench Warfare

The trenches were not a pleasant place to be. There was always gun firing, or bomb shells flying by. It was horrible, all the screams of comrades and enemies, pleading for saviors. Sl ...

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Who is Prometheus?

he power to give all the animals and man uniqueness such as speed, strength, wings, claws, fur, and shells to cover the inner bodies. Prometheus created and molded man from clay and Athena blew life ...

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"All Quiet on the Western Front"--How Does Remarque achieve the goal she set for himself in the prologue?

y of war and the extermination of an entire generation of men, for those that "may have escaped its shells, were destroyed by the war." The book is peppered with examples of the "Lost Generation," as ...

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The History of Toilet Paper.

. French royalty wiped with lace. The Vikings used discarded wool. On Hawaiian islands, people used shells from coconuts. In Asia, the Hindus and Muslims used their left hand, which was washed by wate ...

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The Miracle Worker & Children Of A Lesser God.

truggles of two young women who are hearing impaired, who are being persuaded to come out of their "shells". They both have similar and different main characters, realism in conflicts, and storylines. ...

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"All Quiet On The Western Front".

rologue'It will try simply to tell of a generation of men who, even though they may have escaped it shells were destroyed by war.'Is this the sole experience of the reader of the book? Is there more t ... nt. This comes through in the following example pg 38: 'The moment we hear the whistle of the first shells, or when the air is torn by artillery fire, a tense expectancy suddenly gets into our veins, ...

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Essay on world war one.

ral Belgium and into France behind the thunder of artillery, the lightning of explosions, a rain of shells and a hail of shrapnel. The effects were both immediate and long term and they encompassed al ... gs were either heavily damaged or reduced to ruins. For instance, by October 12, 1914 five thousand shells fell on Lille. Then, during the initial assault on the city, from 9PM to 7AM, forty-three bom ...

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Georgia O'Keefe's life and artistic interests.

capes. She monumentalized her subjects: her Abstractions were very distinct enlargements of leaves, shells, and flowers; her flowers were filled with an erotic tension and held a dynamic energy. Her l ...

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Maggie: A girl of the Streets as an Exemplar of Literary Naturalism Author: Stephen Crane Title: Maggie: A girl of the Streets

boundaries set upon them at birth. Crane's views of the poor allow him to create his characters as shells absent of conscious thought, leaving them susceptible to the ills of their environment.Crane' ...

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From Start to Finish-The Trumpet.

The trumpet is a very interesting instrument. The first trumpetwas actually made from shells and hallowed out animal horns. In thisreport I will discus more facts like this. I will also ...

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A concise review of the biological and genetic basis of personality,

lly, if a lower turtle moves, the turtles above will be effected. However, since they all have hard shells, each can be seen as completely independent. So, while a change originating in the study of t ...

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Night - Dehumanization of the Jews

te to the world and keep alive the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, many left the experience shells; shadows of their former selves. So much had changed during their time in the concentration c ...

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What They Say Isn't Always What They Mean

ched. Confident little girls turn into sullen teens. Their childlike faces are now just turned into shells.Study after study has found that adolescent daughters need their parents more than ever now. ...

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Basics Of Biochemistry

nter of the atom. In the nucleus are protons (+) and neutrons (no charge). Electrons (-) revolve in shells around the nucleus.2. Differentiate between elements and compounds.Elements are substances th ...

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An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestly, This essay outlines the views of this author aswell as a detailed look into the play and its characters.

Priestly gained a far greater appreciation for life than ever before, as he had experienced German shells exploding no more than two or three feet away from him, as well as surviving a gas attack. Th ...

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Charles Darwin

ral history. The young student began to hoard, collecting anything that captured his interest, from shells and rocks, to insects and birds. Darwin's beetle collecting while at Cambridge seems to have ...

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Comparing and contrasting characters in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

ound their homes. Viola's arrival begins to break both characters out of their self-involved shells, but neither undergoes a constant change. Orsino reacts with Viola in a way that he never has ...

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