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Is Dance Really A Sport?

This question has been the subject of ongoing debate. Why are so many people skeptical of it? When people think of ‘sport’ they think of; good bodies, s ... in, recently took the winning red team to a dance class as a good workout that would still be fun. Some people may say that this is not supporting dance as a sport, but it can be seen as it is due to ... ce as a sport, but it can be seen as it is due to the fact that they use mainstream sports as well; so people connect the two subconsciously. The new program ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ is ...

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personal definition essay

Personal Definition EssayThis whole weekend I kept thinking of a word to choose for this essay but I ju ... remember every time there was a family celebration, there would always be this crazy loud music and somebody dancing to it, no matter if it was country, hip-hop, old-school, or cumbias. At the end of ... a way of getting my family to bond and to have an amazing time, even if it's only for a few hours. So as you can see, dancing has always been a huge part of the culture that I was raised in. I also d ...

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