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Paper on The History of the Stringed Instrument to 1800

tain frequency (cycles per second). The instrument vibrates along with the string and amplifies the sound waves.The harp is a stringed instrument in which the strings are plucked with the fingers. In ... g as the kithara, the pitch of the strings could not have been wound as tight, resulting in a lower sounding instrument.The best known of the historical Celtic harps was the Clairseach, a brass-wire s ...

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Hearing and Deafness

The ear is the organ of hearing and balance in vertebrates. The ear converts sound waves in the air, to nerve impulses which are sent to the brain, where the brain interprets th ... lap of elastic cartilage, that sticks out from the side of the head. It acts like a funnel catching sound and sending it to the middle portion of the ear. The middle portion contains the ear drum and ... lled chamber called the cochlea. The outer and middle ears purposes are only to receive and amplify sound. Those parts ofd the ear are only present in amphibians and mammals, but the inner ear is pres ...

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The Telephone System

nated from a combination of two Greek words: 'tele', meaning far off, and 'phone', meaning voice or sound, and became the known term for 'far- speaking.'A basic telephone usually contains a transmitte ... e usually contains a transmitter, that transfers the caller's voice, and a receiver, that amplifies sound from an incoming call. In the transmitter there are two common kinds of transmitters: the carb ...

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the relationship between the mind, music, and human behavior

und piece of living organic tissue that controls the human nervous system. Music is a collection of sound waves that propagate through the air, and has varying frequencies and tones following a discer ... red about the link between the mind and music.Physiologically, the brain receives information about sound waves from the ear through the auditory nerve. This information is then processed by the brain ...

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Waves and How They Affect Life.

g ways to travel, and we don't mean surfing! Many things we use every day involve waves. Lights and sounds are examples of everyday uses that travel by wave. On the spectrum of light there are waves l ... th of these purposes. Another type of wave, though not on the spectrum because it is not light, are sound waves. Weather the wave is a sound wave or a light wave it consists of the basic similar parts ...

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The physics of a sonic boom.

waves that would have moved ahead of the boat.When an airplane travels through the air, it produces sound waves. If the plane is traveling slower than the speed of sound (the speed of sound varies, bu ... slower than the speed of sound (the speed of sound varies, but 1200kph is usual at sea level), then sound waves can move ahead of the plane.If the plane breaks the sound barrier and flies faster than ...

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What role do Glia cells play in the neural functioning?

ave three kinds of neuron: sensory neuron or receptor neuron gather the outside information such as sound, waves, odours, and tastes, the medium neuron or inter neuron which tie the sensitive neuron a ...

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This essay describes what amniocentesis and genetic conseling is.

the first day of the last menstrual period. Amniocentesis is performed in conjunction with an ultrasound scan. Ultrasound, which uses sound waves to safely produce an image of the unborn child for an ...

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All About The Ear

cules moving through the air are received and translated into messages that the brain recognizes as sound by a complex organ--the ear. The ear has two important, but different, functions: hearing and ... external auditory meatus (or ear canal), and the tympanic membrane (or eardrum).The pinna collects sound waves from the air. It funnels them into a channellike tube, the external auditory meatus . Th ...

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Phone taps Informitave speach

or broadcasts your telephone conversation with two parties. A bug works by sending or recording the sound waves sent through the phone cord made by sounds that have be sent through the phones own micr ... ough the walls or without using electronics. Next is the ultrasonic bug, this works by changing the sound to a range beyond the human range, kind of like a dog whistle sending it to where it needs to ...

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The History of Keyboards

frame, which are hit by felt-covered wooden hammers.SynthesiserInventedA device that reproduces the sounds of conventional musical instruments and also produces a variety of artificial tones by means ... es a variety of artificial tones by means of electronic oscillators, whose signals are converted to sound waves. Individual circuits can be switched in and out by the player, enabling a wide range of ...

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Brief Overview on the Physics of Music

sequent physical and neurological processing and interpretation, give rise to the experience called sound. Most sound that people recognize as "musical" is dominated by periodic or regular vibrations ... er than non-periodic ones (called a definite pitch and we refer to the transmission mechanism as a "sound wave". In a very simple case, the sound of a sine wave, which is considered the most basic mod ...

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The Michelson and Morey Experiment

determined that light is a wave, and inferred that it needed a medium to propagate through, just as sound waves and other mechanical waves do. This led them to believe in "aether" the fifth element th ...

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Ultrasound Physical Medical Treatment

d and then are found to be transferrable to another field through use and experimentation. The ultrasound is no exception. First used in the 1940s, the ultrasound has developed into a device which is ... rn-day pregnancies. It was not until the late 1990s that it was used for therapeutic treatment.Ultrasounds in the range of 44-48 kHz have established themselves as a safe and effective method for trea ...

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Notes on sound and harmonics (greek letters do not appear correctly)

Sound waves are created from a source which is vibrating. The vibrating source creates longitudinal ... ongitudinal waves in some medium which are detected by our ear or by an instrument.The speed of the sound wave will depend on the medium in which the sound is traveling. Since the approximate speed of ... is traveling. Since the approximate speed of sound is given by √{β/ρ}, the speed of sound will increase if the density is decreased, or if the bulk modulus is increased. If sound is tr ...

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In my essay about sound, I am going to explain how different forms of sound are created, how they are heard, what a fr ... eard, what a frequency is, how certain vibrations can decide the pitch, loudness and frequency of a sound wave. I am also going to explain how music is created, how every note has a different frequenc ... rent frequency, that harmony is very important when making music. I am also going to tell you about sound recording, replaying music, analogue and digital, microphones and loudspeakers.Sound:By "pluck ...

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Science of Sunlight and Stars: Case Study

f other stars throughout the universe.Studying the Sun's interior by analyzing its oscillations and sound waves as the waves pass through the Sun is called helioseismology. The Sun contorts from oscil ... Inside the Sun there is a great deal of pressure that fluctuates constantly and the end results are sound waves. When sound waves are generated, they move outward toward the Sun's surface. When the so ...

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Formal Report on Heat Capacity Ratios of Gases

heat capacity of each gas, the heat capacity ratio was calculated from measurements of the speed of sound in each gas. An apparatus designed to measure the wavelength and frequency of sound waves in e ... measure the wavelength and frequency of sound waves in each gas was used to determine the speed of sound as a frequency was passed through each gas. The apparatus consisted of a Kundt's tube, an osil ...

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Classical Physics vs. Quantum Physics

na that we are used to: particles and waves. Particles exist in one place at a time. Waves, such as sound waves, are spread out in space. At the atomic level, this distinction does not apply. Electron ...

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Types Of Microphones

they can not do. It told us that microphones were contained metal diaphragms that vibrate when the sound waves hit them, the vibrations are converted into electric impulses by back plates or coils. T ... orded and stored there for editing along with the pictures. Next the impulses are converted back to sound and which is sent through the TV.Two microphones are really common for TV news. They are the d ...

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