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Antarctic Fur Seal

aches of many Sub Antarctic islands, but breed in only a few places mainly on Sub Antarctic islands south of the Antarctic convergence like South Georgia. About 95% of antarctic seals bread on the bea ... ut 95% of antarctic seals bread on the beaches of South Georgia. Other breading islands include the South Orkney and South Shetland Islands, South Sandwich Islands, Bouvetøya, Iles Kerguelen, a ...

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The Endurance: Achieving Greatness in Ice and Snow

wing they would not last on Elephant Island, Shakleton along with four of his best men, set off for South Georgia in hopes of rescue. John Vincent, Tim McCarthy, Thomas Crean, and Harry McNish were th ... inally, they spotted a piece of kelp, a sign of nearby shore. After many days, they finally reached South Georgia. But due to a recent hurricane they were launched to the opposite side of the inhabite ...

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Heorism in The Endurance

land with the goal of crossing Antarctica from the Weddell Sea to the Ross Sea by crossing over the South Pole.Throughout the trials and tribulations that Shackleton and crew faced while making the vo ... han necessary, decided to leave all but five of his crew on Elephant Island, Shackleton set off for South Georgia which had been the genesis of their journey almost two years before. Their destination ...

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