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Tiger Woods

me: Eldrick Woods.The nick-name 'Tiger' was given to him by his father. It's thesame nick-name of a South Vietnamese combat buddy,Nguyen Phong, who saved Tiger's father's life a few times inthe Vietna ...

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An analysis of the character Le Ly in Oliver Stone's "Heaven and Earth"

ght horrendous choices. Le Ly's village is visited both by Viet Cong propagandists and American and South Vietnamese advisers. Originally she sides with the Vietcong because her brother chose to join ...

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A three page paper covering the massacre at My Lai during the Vietnam war. (Bibliography included)

tary, the US political institution, and an already divided American public.My Lai is located in the South Vietnamese region of Son My, an area of heavily established Vietcong troops. Several members o ... lone, of murder. On March 29 1971, Major William Calley, under whose orders the massacre at My Lai, South Vietnam, occurred, was sentenced to life in prison for murder, but was released in 1974, and i ...

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The Vietnam War

nts eventually led to armed fighting in December 1946. With the French behind Bao Dai, they created South Vietnam and made a new capital, Saigon, on July 1st 1949.In 1950, the United States officially ... y recognized the Saigon government, and to help out, President Truman sent troops over to train the South Vietnamese on how to use U.S. weapons while the French and North Vietnamese were building up t ...

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Vietnamization and it's lasting effects on South Vietnam and it's Fall

ionB. Vietnam -- two separate countries1. French Control2. Viet Minh Revolt3. Creation of North and South VietnamC. America's objectives in South VietnamD. Vietnam's armiesII. VietnamizationA. Beginni ... rch of possible withdrawalC. Decision to withdraw1. began in early 1969III. American Withdrawal and South Vietnamese BuildupA. Short historyB. Advisor and troop reductionsC. Combat assistance team red ...

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The 77 Day Siege at Khe Sanh This is a study of the tactical and political importance of the 77 day battle at Khe Sanh during the Vietnam conflict.

mall plateau in the Northwest corner of the Quang Tri province. Itwas the Northwestern most outpost south of the I Corps Tactical Zone. AmericanMarines, Army Artillery/Special Forces, Air Force Bomber ... rs, and NavalFighters all played serious roles in the eventual victory at Khe Sanh in April of 1968.South Vietnamese regular and irregular forces also played vital roles in the defense ofKhe Sanh. The ...

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Vietnam War, Operation Rolling Thunder, 1965-1968

ft engaged in a bombing campaign designed to force Ho chi Minh to abandon his ambition to take over South Vietnam. The operation began primarily as a diplomatic signal to impress Hanoi with America's ... increase until Ho Chi Minh gave in. Secondly, it was intended to bolster the sagging morale of the South Vietnamese. Additionally, targets were supposedly chosen to damage the supply lines between Ha ...

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The historical events that occored in during the Vietnam War.

It's January 27th, 1973 and the Vietnam War is over. Peace agreements were signed in Paris by the South Vietnam Communist forces, North Vietnam, South Vietnam and the United States. The meeting last ... that U.S. troops would gradually withdraw from Vietnam and all prisoners of war would be released, South Vietnam had the right to choose their own future (whether or not to unite with North Vietnam), ...

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Australia in Vietnam.

hat the Liberal government were in power for 22 years straight.Menzies stated that "the takeover of South Vietnam would be a direct military threat to Australia," as the "Domino Theory" claimed that u ... , eventually leading to Australia. Minister for External Affairs, Paul Hasluck in his judgement the South Vietnamese were not dealing simply with a situation of civil unrest that it really was, but wi ...

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The Vietnam War.

1. IntroductionIt was supposed to be a South Vietnamese war with the U.S. advising those who were frightened in their freedom. But the U.S. ... ermany or Stalinist Russia."17 Johnson's response to this theory was, "if we don't stop the Reds in South Vietnam tomorrow, they will be in Hawaii, next week they will be in San Francisco."18 Due to t ... ated: "When the day comes that we can safely withdraw, we expect to leave an independent and stable South Vietnam, rich with resources and bright with prospects for contributing to the peace and prosp ...

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"Failure and Deception: US Nation-Building in South Vietnam"

The story of US intervention in South Vietnam's internal affairs is a story of failure after failure to establish a viable South Vie ... eeking to control perceived communist expansion and to destroy the eventual communist insurgency in South Vietnam, the US attempted to create a political alternative to the popular communist regime in ... le nor equipped to win. In this effort to keep alive its hopes of producing a workable, independent South Vietnam, the US government consistently deceived both itself and its citizens. In early 1968, ...

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A Fatal Mistake the Vietnam War.

U.S. Secretary of Defense in 1961, said about the Vietnam War, "It is important to recognize it's a South Vietnamese war. It will be won or lost depending upon what they do. We can advise and help, bu ... rced to withdraw by the Geneva Accords, the U.S. decided to escalate its involvement, believing the South Vietnamese wanted assistance in driving out communism. The U.S. knew of South Vietnam's weak m ...

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The Vietnam War

The Vietnam WarThe United States made the right decision in joining the war efforts of the South Vietnamese. The only mistake was that the U.S. should have done everything in its power to win ... , often with a Vietnamese girlfriend. After the Tet Offensive, (theattack on Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, and some provincial capitals byCommunist troops on January 30, 1968.) this was largel ...

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American incompetancy as a Cause of Southern Vietnamese downfall

m War up to 1969 was its lack of this cohesion and direction in American foreign policy towards the South Vietnamese and their state. The American policy's demise can be attributed to failed efforts t ... emise can be attributed to failed efforts to gain military and political stability and direction in South Vietnam, as well as the opposition to pro-war policy amongst the American government and popul ...

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given independence from French rule. Due to the Geneva Conference, Vietnam was split into North and South Vietnam. North Vietnam was supposed to be ruled by Ho Chi Minh, whereas, South Vietnam was to ... o be ruled by Ho Chi Minh, whereas, South Vietnam was to be under the Emperor Bao Dai. In 1955, the South Vietnamese monarchy had been eradicated, and Ngo Dinh Diem became the president of the South V ...

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Life in the Year 1968

resident Johnson made a statement that changed the direction of Vietnam. President Johnson said the South Vietnamese could not win. This caused the South Vietnamese could not win. This caused the Sout ...

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Vietnam War

ought between the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong on one side and the Americans, Australians and South Vietnamese on the other. The North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong were fighting to unify North V ... and South Vietnam as a communist country. The Americans and Australians were fighting alongside the South Vietnamese armed forces to stop the takeover.The fear of communism eventually overtaking Austr ...

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The military tactics used by the U.S.A. and the Vietcong in Vietnam in the 1960's.

rated their forces in the countryside leaving the cities in the hands of their enemies who were the South Vietnamese and American government. The Vietcong were involved with lots of people and gained ... didn't work, they used terrorism to get their own way.The ARVN and the Americans tactics to control South Vietnam was to win the people of South Vietnam over by a policy called 'pacification'. This in ...

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ention (1949) was created. It broadened the definition of prisoner of war to include civilians. The South Vietnamese were charged with violating the Geneva Convention during the Vietnam War. Also, dur ...

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What really was the true significance of the Tet Offensive for the Vietnam War?

as Tet, which is the Vietnam New Year, the North Vietnamese Army launched a surprise attack on the South Vietnamese and the American forces. It was an attack on more than 35 major towns and cities in ... was an attack on more than 35 major towns and cities in the South, which Saigon, the capital of the South, was included in the targets. The North Vietnamese suffered a heavy casualty, thus it seemed t ...

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