Life in the Year 1968

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Analysis of Life for 1968 The year 1968 was a time of war, civil rights movements, and riots. Many big events took place during 1968. Many lives were changed by these events. Out if the 1960's, 1968 stands out the most. In January of 1968 the United States thought that the Vietnam War was coming to a close, but President Johnson made a statement that changed the direction of Vietnam. President Johnson said the South Vietnamese could not win. This caused the South Vietnamese could not win. This caused the South Vietnamese to launch the Tet Offensive. This shocked the United States, and caused the war to linger on for several more years. The Tet Offensive spread from the cities of Mekong Delta, to Saigon, and north to the highlands. In February of 1968 major politicians spoke against the Vietnam War. New York senator Robert Kennedy, a Democrat, showed a blistering attack on the war by charging that there was not "any prospect" for victory.

Another senator Jacob Javits, called military victory "illusory" he said, "it is time to end the Americanization of the war". Vietnam caused many disagreements, and it broke up families due to men and women losing their lives to serve their country. During 1968 there were many questions about the presidency. On March 31, 1968 in a decision that stunned political friends and many others, President Johnson announced that he would not seek, nor would he accept the nomination of his party for president. Johnson said he was withdrawing in the name of national unity. This sparked many questions throughout the nation. People wondered who would become the next president of the United States. Their questions were answered very soon. In August of 1968, Richard Nixon, the "old pro" of the Republican Party, was nominated for...