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Rock n roll - the history of

In many ways, the Blues was the soundtrack for black life under white Southern oppression. Economic conditions in the south were horrible from the civil war well into the ... 40's. Daily life was a harsh economic struggle, the blues emerged as a reaction to the worsening of southern economy. From religion, to segregation, to unemployment, the blues evolved to reflect a cha ... he white terrorization of the South, combined with Jim Crow segregation helped move millions out of Southern rural oppression. The promise of abundant jobs (or at least rumors of plentiful jobs) in th ...

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Causes of American Civil War.

cial conflict and reflected economic, social and political differences between the Northern and the Southern states. Through the four years of bitter conflict and sacrifice, America would emerge a str ... 4 million slaves who wee needed to grow it. The slave became an ever more important element of the southern economy, and so the debate about slavery, for the southerner, gradually evolved into an eco ...

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A Step of Equality and Freedom for African Americans

h the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the blacks from the institute of slavery, the foundation of southern economy was being crippled. Also, the blacks themselves given freedom needed help adapting ... s owed to them by the amendments. Although reconstruction efforts were at times counter attacked by southerners who believed that "The only place for blacks are on cotton fields"( Ku Klux Klan Collect ...

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Explanation to why the Reconstruction of 1865, after the Civil War, had failed.

housands of land and many transportation means were destroyed, millions of soldiers diminished, the Southern economy was ruined, freed blacks who have no idea what to do with their freedom, rise of te ... called, it was required for the South to approve in order to rejoin the Union. In addition, former Southern politicians during the war are not allowed to run office and the debts the South owed for t ...

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The Economic, Social, and Political Aspects of the Southern Colonies

Crops were important to the southern economy. Because they did so well farming, the southerners did not make many tools or house ... epended on the tobacco crop. With money from tobacco, plantation owners could live a good life. The Southern Colonies primarily depended on cotton and tobacco plantations. As the plantations grew they ... ed with their own blacksmith, teachers and professionals. So there were no big cities or towns. The Southern Colonies had a strict three class system: upper class rich plantation owners, middle class ...

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Embargo Act of 1807

sely enforced and turned out to be more detrimental than no embargo at all. The northern and southern economy struggled under the embargo far before England or France felt its effects. New Engl ... new factories and reopen old ones. New England eventually prospered from the ugly Embargo Act, but southern economy only perished. England closed French ports to foreign shipping unless they f ...

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Did Baldy Ewell lose the Battle of Gettysburg

icultural benefits, and the South needed slavery to help maintain its economy. In order to save the Southern economy, the South succeeded from the Union. However, the North didn't allow the South to s ...

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Slavery In The Southern Colonies

The institution of slavery grew to be a primary element in the economy of the southern colonies. Slavery's rapid growth was ignited by several important economic, geographic, and ... was ignited by several important economic, geographic, and social factors. In the eyes of an early southern settler, each factor helped justify the use of slavery.The settlers of the southern colonie ... plantations for their wealth and prosperity, thus making plantations an integral part of the early southern economy. The most prominent of southern settlers were plantation owners. Settlers discovere ...

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and tenant farming developed and, as a result, blacks were still tied to the land. In addition, the Southern economy had not escaped from control by Northern financiers, as evidenced by the high inter ... e small farmers became subject to the creditors and lacked economic freedom. Finally, many stubborn Southerners refused to accept tax programs which would provide funds for the social services needed ...

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Civil War Topics: Weapons, Slang, and Currency

borders because scissors were used to cut the sheets of notes apart. The North tried to inflate the Southern economy and printed counterfeit notes and distributed them throughout the south. By the tim ... otes. Slavery was also shown on the noted. Over 126 images of slavery were shown on Confederate and Southern money.There were a lot of civil war slang terms. An officer’s gold braiding on his shi ...

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