Explanation to why the Reconstruction of 1865, after the Civil War, had failed.

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After the Civil War, there were many problems left to be solved. Thousands of land and many transportation means were destroyed, millions of soldiers diminished, the Southern economy was ruined, freed blacks who have no idea what to do with their freedom, rise of tension, and lower morality were the results as well as the problems left from the war. Reconstruction was the answer but even though it started out right in the beginning, it certainly didn't last nor was very successful. Spanning from1865 to 1877, the efforts of reconstruction failed economically and socially.

Perhaps the moment the Reconstruction had already failed before it was even carried out was the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, whose plans would had most likely had a better success. Soon after his death, Vice President Andrew Johnson was inaugurated President and he was not suited to fit the job. Lacking the potentials Lincoln had, he made it his best efforts to come up with the plans for the Reconstruction.

Similar to Lincoln, he tried to be lenient as he could be towards the South. However the President was not the only one to come up with the plans because there was the Radical Republicans in Congress. They seek revenge toward the South after the war, which is the exact opposite plan Lincoln had. Congress and Lincoln did not exactly come to agreements with their own terms. Same with Johnson, with every plan the Republicans came up, he simply vetoed them. Each veto were overwritten and his actions almost cost him his Presidency in his impeachment under frivolous evidence. In short, the Republicans were calling the shots in the Reconstruction and with them not on the same wave lengths with Johnson, leadership will be a factor in its failure.

The Radical Republicans' plans were made up...