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This essay discusses why William of Ockham can be considered as the initiator of the "modern way" of doing philosophy

of the "modern way" of doing philosophy?William if Ockham was a philosopher and theologian born is southern England (1285). He joined the Franciscans and eventually became prominent in that religious ...

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Are Crop Circles A Hoax?

ince the 1970s, when a surge of strange but immaculate circular shapes began appearing in fields in southern England, people from around the globe have sought answers to this enigma. As hypotheses and ...

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The royal canadian air force in world war 2.

ation standing in the way of Hitler and total European domination. The Nazis planned an invasion of Southern England known as Operation Sea Lion but for any invasion to be successful the Luftwaffe had ... ish did have over the Luftwaffe was radar. Britain had built up an effective radar system along the southern English coastline and it was very useful during the months ahead. The RAF would be aware o ...

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Battle of Britain

orld War. Royal Air Force Fighter Command defeated the Luftwaffe's attempt to gain air control over southern England and saved Britain from German invasion and conquest.The key to success for the Luft ...

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Lord of the Flies by William Golding

school and later on studied at Brasenose College Oxford. He mainly lived in a farming community in southern England but joined the Navy in 1940 and had fairly wide military experience travelling with ...

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"Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen

nd Sensibility" is a book by Jane Austen. It is set partly in London, partly in its surroundings in Southern England in the 19th century. The main characters are Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, two beau ...

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Aspects of Human Nature in "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad

novel proving that not everything is straightforward and is at it seems.The Thames River located in Southern England represents the advanced European world. In this novel the Europeans regarded themse ...

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Caesar assumes his proconsul ship, or governorship, of the province of Narbonese Gaul, what is now southern France; he attacks and defeats the Helvetii tribe in central Gaul.55-54 BC - Caesar leads t ... -54 BC - Caesar leads two brief and largely indecisive expeditions across the English Channel in to southern England.50 BC - The Roman Senate calls for Caesar to surrender command of his army.48 BC - ...

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Watership Down

turn back, they would have all been killed by the humans Watership Down had several settings within Southern England. The story starts in the Sandleford Warren (a warren is where rabbits live). The ra ...

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Historical Investigation: How Did the Bluestones Get to Stonehenge?

remains one of the great mysteries of the Earth. Located on the downlands of the Salisbury Plain in southern England, the ruins of Stonehenge consist now of a hundred and sixty-two stones of up to 40 ... stones are bluestones, averaging 4 tonnes, forming the two inner circles, and completely foreign to southern England.Perhaps this is the most heated debate over the ancient stone circle—the blues ...

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