The royal canadian air force in world war 2.

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The Royal Canadian Air Force During World War 2

During world war 2 The Royal Canadian Air force (RCAF) became one of the most formidable Air forces in the world and became the fourth largest of the allied powers if not for Canada and the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Royal Air Force (RAF) would not have been as effective in defending the British skies and else where during World War 2.

After the fall of France on the 22nd of June, 1940 Great Britain was the only nation standing in the way of Hitler and total European domination. The Nazis planned an invasion of Southern England known as Operation Sea Lion but for any invasion to be successful the Luftwaffe had to neutralize any British threat from the air, otherwise German battleships and transporters. would be blown out of the water by the RAF (Freewebs).

The RAF had a difficult and perilous task ahead of them.

Most Luftwaffe pilots were battle hardened after their experiences in taking mainland Europe. The Luftwaffe had more pilots and over 3 times the air power of RAF Fighter Command at the outbreak of the Battle of Britain and the odds were stacked against the RAF (Freewebs). But the one advantage the British did have over the Luftwaffe was radar. Britain had built up an effective radar system along the southern English coastline and it was very useful during the months ahead. The RAF would be aware of attempted Luftwaffe air raids and be able to act accordingly, and if German pilots were shot down they would be in hostile territory and most likely be rounded up by "Home Guards" and be taken as P.O.W. On the other hand if RAF pilots were forced to eject they could without doubt find an RAF airfield...