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Lucerne and its imporatance in Australia

ds aren't expected to compete strongly with the young Lucerne, August to September is the preferred sowing time, except on light soils in western areas as soil moisture may be limited.Spring planting ... ties of Lucerne often enables them to establish more strongly in less weedy situations. Late Summer Sowing in pasture mixes is also suitable provided that a fungicide is applied to control damping-off ...

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Vegetable And Fruit Plants

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Othello's downfall

ds. Growing on very heavy clay soils, particularly if they have underlying poor drainage, can delay sowing date and make harvesting difficult as well as causing damage to the soil structure.In Ireland ... d it is expected not to fall below this level for any significant period in the following few weeks.Sowing dates should be decided on the basis of the usual climate and the experience gained in the ar ...

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