Heaven's Garden

Essay by PhantomPhan0 September 2004

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This is the last submission I will make to this site. A poem I wrote and composed in less than half an hour, I hope it brings to light how I have been feeling throughout my stay here.

I thought I had found it.

A small garden of Heaven here on Earth.

A place to share my Dreams and my Songs,

My hopes and fears, and my Truth.

For I am a Dreamer of Dreams,

And a Singer of Songs.

A storyteller; and one who heralds knowledge of the Truth.

I planted a seed, and watered it,

But the flower did not take root;

For the soil was hard and unyielding.

As hard as I tried, my Dreams were unheeded,

And my Songs went unheard.

But determination gripped my soul, and I refused to be defeated.

I was mocked, my Truth as well,

But still I poured the cool water upon the soil I knew was thirsting.

And yet, the soil still remained hard and compact,

As cold and unfeeling as brick.

What have I done?

What have I not done?

What can I do to allow you to see the Truth that stands before you?

Has my light not burned bright enough?

Or has it burned too bright?

Once again drying the water and hardening the soil.

The pain, the sweat,

The tears of frustration.

I wept for you, silently pleading;

Wondering what else I could do show you what I have discovered.

Even now, the tears still flow;

As I wonder if this is my last farewell.

Will you ever get the chance to see the Truth again?

Or will the door remain forever closed?

And yet, the hope still lives.

For perhaps the soil is not so hard;

And the seed I planted has taken root somewhere...