Crest of the Green Leaf: Entry Six

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17th Day of the 3rd Month

As expected, Lord Eirik is dead-set against my marrying Prince Kol. This does not surprise me. What does surprise me, though, is his adamancy even after my reasoning. I told him my belief of an averted war, but he still refused to accept it. I am ashamed to admit it, but I got a little frustrated at him.

"What would you have me do then?!" I asked him in an exasperated tone. He bowed his head, unable to meet my gaze. He said he would rather be on the front line of that war than see me marry Prince Kol.

"Like his name implies, the Prince's soul is dark and cold. He would not love you, and would merely make your life, and the lives of your people, miserable."

"Is there nothing else we can do then? Surely there must be one among Father's allies who is strong enough to help us stand against Black Arrow."

"I can think of only one, My Lady." And he proceeded to describe at length Father's greatest and strongest ally, Crest of the White Dove.

There was a flaw, however. Though White Dove was indeed greater, and possibly more powerful than Black Arrow, White Dove had never taken part in a war before. It prided itself on being the only kingdom on the planet that had been in a constant state of peace. This, I believe, led them to fall into a complacent state. Still, I felt it was something. If they would not lend help in the form of soldiers, perhaps they would support us with supplies and other needs.

I told Eirik that I would arrange a visit to White Dove as soon as possible. I also requested that Davyn accompany me. When Eirik...