Numero Uno

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Like the needle on a sewing machine, he was in and out in no time at all. He was an expert in his field and was admired by young and old. His name was Charlie and this is his story...

Charlie did not have a long life in fact he died when he was sixteen but in this short time, he became a legend. He was always swift and it was this that made him the best. Numero uno.

Apart from his skills, Charlie was probably best known for his attitude. He was usually exceptionally nice but, if he didn't get what he wanted, you certainly knew all about it. Charlie couldn't talk but he always managed to get his point across. He was extremely independent and always worked alone. As he got older, this became more apparent as he didn't like to socialise with anyone. Another thing about Charlie was that he was a perfectionist and always had everything planned down to the finest detail.

It was 10:00pm on June the 2nd 1990 and Charlie was out and about. He was on his weekly round to the villa. The villa was nestled among a group trees beside a creek. He made his way to the edge of the stonewall to get a better view of what was happening inside. He crouched close to the ground and waited in silence for the right moment. Anyone would have thought he had dozed off but not Charlie. Simultaneously, the light turned off and his big yellow eyes opened scanning quickly backwards and forwards across the yard. It was time.

Making sure to stay low, he made his way across the stony driveway. Each step had to be slow and touch the ground so lightly that it didn't make a sound. He...