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Life in Sparta

Land OwnershipBecause Spartiates were full time soldiers every Spartan equal was given a cleros (or kleros), along with sl ... The native inhabitants of Messenia were made into the Spartans slaves. They were called the Helots. Spartiates no longer had to worry about money, this economic independence freed the Spartiates to co ... Although it is uncertain how big cleroi were, it is certain that they were not all the same size. A Spartiate could not sell, divide or lose this land, it was passed on to male heirs. If a Spartan had ...

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"Sparta: Historically Unique" -explains lifestyle/social structure/government of Spartans -explains why Sparta is unique -Bibliography and incorrect in-text citation included (should be fixed)

success to. (1)Spartan society was can be dissected into three social classes. At the top were the Spartiate or Homoioi. Next in line was the Perioeci, which roughly translates into "the dwellers aro ...

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How Athens was the better city-state.

tured and cared for by their mothers and sometimes grandfathers, even if they were sick (unlike the Spartiates who left their babies outdoors if they were ill). Children went to school and usually too ... best for their military status.The Athenians weren't as known for their military as the victorious Spartiates. They felt it wasn't relevant in observing or finding out secrets which might be of milit ...

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What Caused The Downfall of Sparta? wref

s and did Spartans were not taught subjects like mathematics, science or geography. Even as babies, Spartiates were treated harshly - they were made to eat whatever food they were given, left alone, l ... and leaving the city with only 10 ships. But Sparta only just survived the war. The numbers of full Spartiates were very low, and no thought was put into increasing the Spartiate population. This is p ...

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"The Spartan life was Spartan indeed"

f the group was the Spartans that were a society that was almost entirely geared for war. Below the Spartiates (or Spartans) were the Perioikoi, or "dwellers around or about." The Perioikoi were forei ... helots and showed no hesitation in exploiting them in order to maintain their own unique lifestyle"Spartiates no longer had to worry about money; this economic independence freed the Spartiates to co ...

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Explain the main features of the Spartan Economy. This essay explains the features of the Spartan economy in ancient sparta that contributes to their austere lifestyle

conomy was designed to ensure that hoplite classes ( heavily armed foot soldiers or infantrymen) of Spartiates and Perioikoi (dwellers around, sometimes made to fight in war for Sparta) were rich enou ... for Sparta) were rich enough to maintain a high level of professional training and equipment. Each Spartiate, therefore had to have a minimum income to pay for his mess dues and the state had to have ...

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Explain the economic and military role of the Perioeci and Helots.

their study of Sparta, dismissing both groups as only slaves or inferiors that later overthrew the Spartiates. In truth, the perioeci and the helots both played an important role in the economic and ... ere is also evidence that they served as light infantry in the armies - Thucydides tells us of 5000 Spartiates and 5000 perioeci hoplites that fought at Plataea in 479 BE.Agriculture in Sparta was the ...

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The Roles of Men and Women in Ancient Greek Society

athletic feats. Though women in Sparta were not subject to the same training as given by Lycurgus, Spartiate women were expected and driven to produce strong and healthy children, and to be loyal to ...

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The Role of the Spartan Education System, the Agoge

The Spartiate was considered a fierce and brutal warrior, excellent in physique, un-yielding in dedicati ... had to endure and pass certain stages. If these were not passed, one could not be considered a full Spartiate Citizen. Admission into the syssitia or common mess was one of the latter stages and took ... the syssitia, indecency or drunkenness were discouraged.Training and education did not stop when a Spartiate entered a syssitia. If anything, their physical training became all the more rigorous. Men ...

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Ancient Sparta

d all.The society of Sparta was divided into three main classes. At the top of this society was the Spartiate, or native Spartan, who could trace his or her ancestry all the way back to the original i ... , who could trace his or her ancestry all the way back to the original inhabitants of the city. The Spartiates were the only ones that enjoyed the full political and legal rights of being a citizen wh ...

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This is my report on Sparta and Athens, two very

asses        There were three main social classes in ancient Sparta. They were the Spartiates, the Periokoi, and the Helots.        Spartiate is the term used for Sp ... e free people of Sparta, mostly farmers and merchants who didn’t have the full citizenship of the Spartiates.        In 725 B.C., the Spartans realized they needed more fertile lan ...

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Ancient Authors: who was the most reliable in Ancient Sparta

aeus, were written from the perspective of the most powerful class in Spartan society, the military Spartiates. For these reasons it is entirely accurate to claim that our evidence of Spartan society, ... ts is distorted by his strong bias against the constitution of Sparta and therefore against how the Spartiates controlled and treated the helots.The two famous Athenian philosophers, Plato and Aristot ...

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The Role of Education and the Military in Sparta

Aristophanes, Lysistrata the elders were aware of how the boys matured. If they worked them like a Spartiate at the age of 7 -12, they may die or severely injure themselves•"The objective of thi ... w although young, they were slowly physically and mentally prepared, to transfer from young boys to Spartiate malesThirteen to Eighteen Years•Xenophon tells us that it was during these adolescent ...

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Ancient History - SPARTA! School assessment task. Includes the short answer responses as well as essay.

ociety. Sparta was known as ‘the greatest military power in the Greek world’. From birth, Spartiates (a male child born from Spartan children) were taught about the military and were assumed ... the mothers of the children.‘With your shield or on it’Spartan MotherAt the age of 7 the Spartiates were taken from their mothers and forced to live in barracks and begin their military tra ...

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