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A book review on the Stephen King novel, Misery. "Misery: A Spine Tingling Thriller You'll Never Put Down"

Misery: A Spine Tingling Thriller You'll Never Put DownI have to say that Steven King's novel, Misery, was the best Steven King novel I have ever read. In Misery, Paul Sheldo ... involved in the lives of these fictional people that I could feel Annie in my room too. Once again, Steven King's Misery is an amazingly good book that hooks the reader and never lets go until the end.

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Carrie - Steven King's horror story from novel to movie

"Words are his power," the frontpage of Steven King's novel Carrie proclaims, praising it's author's writing skills. And one must agree that ... I will be looking at the movie version of Carrie and some of the steps that have been taken to turn Steven King's written word into a movie.Summary of the MovieThe opening scene in the movie is set in ... ere the outsiders are slowly pushed further away from the others' social activities.With this story Steven King highlights something much more real and scary than telekinetic powers: our society's acc ...

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"On Writing": Stephen King is chosen as an author that has admirable writing skills

I thought Steven King's "On Writing" was the best biographical/personal in depth description on the writing an ...

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Dolores Claiborne

ful day, but she chooses this day to end her husband's life so she and her family can go on living. Steven King masterfully weaves this tale of love, abuse, and denial in his novel, Dolores Claiborne, ...

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Why We Read Further

Why We Read Further English 100 March 8, 2002 Steven King Knew who his audience was; furthermore, he successfully caught their attention and kept ... that people can relate to as a device to capture the reader's attention and keep them wanting more.Steven King knows who his audience is and he knows how to capture their attention. First, King grabs ...

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phobia of clowns

ey drove me insane! I was not always scared of clowns. It all started when my brothers let me watch Steven King's wonderful movie, "It".I remember it like it was yesterday. My older brothers had some ...

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