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In what ways is game theory of use in analyzing the behaviour of firms in an oligopolistic market?

interaction. *A number of interesting new developments on the oligopoly front can be traced back to Stigler (1964) who examined the relationship between collusion and the information structure of an o ...

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Different schooling between Korea and Japan

"It might at first look on the study cultural differences in learning by focusing on schools." (Stigler & Perry: 329) According to cross cultural study done by Stigler &Perry showing that ...

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Why Poorer People Can Afford to Get High

illegal drug usage means there is both a supply and a demand for the good. Focusing on the latter, Stigler and Becker attempt to define the demand for illegal drugs through their “Relative Theor ... f euphoria also depends on the individual’s ability to experience the sensation referred to by Stigler and Becker as “euphoric capital.” The model also illustrates the feedback connecti ...

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