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Malcolm X life

f the Nation of Islam in his earlier years. The Islamic faith borrows basic ideas from the orthodox teachings of Islam and combines them with the very racist views regarding whites taught by Elijah Mo ... est for his newfound faith, the Nation of Islam. Malcolm had taken on in full Mr. Mohammed's racist teachings. It was through these teachings that Malcolm X developed his radical views about race in A ...

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Women in Muslim Society

a brief and authentic display of what Islam stands for in regard to women within their beliefs. The teachings of Islam are based essentially on the Qur'an (God's revelation) and Hadeeth (elaboration b ... also an abundance of compassion for woman. 4. 4 The Political Aspect Any fair investigation of the teachings of Islam into the history of the Islamic civilization will surely find a clear evidence of ...

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Islamic understanding of the relationship between GOD and Humanity

on of Islam to remove evil from society while the greater Jihad is an inward struggle to follow the teachings of Islam and consciously obey God at all times. Jihad effectively illustrates the essence ...

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The Quran and Terrorism

Hypothesis:The Quran and the teachings of Islam do not support the terrorist ideologies.In the past 20 years the issue of Muslims ... people for the simple fact that they are not Muslim or come from a country that is disliked. Muslim teachings do not sanction violence against anyone who has not first, directly committed an offence a ...

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The Pesantren, the Kyai and Politics

h the introduction of Islam, came the common practice of establishing Islamic schools to impart the teachings of Islam and to maintain an Islamic culture and identity (Suparto 2004). In the Arab world ...

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