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Buffy the vampire slayer and soaps.

Describe the ways in which different television fictional narratives appeal to their audience, refer to specific texts in your answer.The ... ng is constructed in order to achieve the audiences understanding. Narratives unfold differently in television texts and are constructed through the camera work, sound and mise-en-scene, it refers to ... ory.As narratives vary from text to text they appeal to their audiences in different ways. One such television programme is the hybrid text 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' which falls in the teen drama and ...

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Representation Of Jordan and Kerry McFadden in the Sun Tuesday 10th February 2004

t page of the Sun on Tuesday 10th February 2004, as it is devoted exclusively to information on the television programme "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!". Although it may appear that the front p ...

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'Big Brother' persuasive writing newspaper article

Easily the most successful channel 4 television programme earning countless millions for the channel, company Endemol, and contestants. B ... success from series 1 with 4.5 million viewers, but does popularity prove that Big Brother is good television? In a survey, 20% of the people I asked said they watched the show but didn't think that ... between the contestants, 'who fancies who' and what's going to happen. Should children be watching television with these issues? Bad language and drinking are also shown on the programme. Is Big Brot ...

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Socio-Political Themes in The Smurfs

1.) Introduction:This is a discursive analysis of the television programme The Smurfs, created by Peyo, and first aired during the greater part of the eig ... d at children. The discussion could end there, however, unlike many other cartoons, or indeed other television programmes, The Smurfs is about an entire society and its interactions with itself and wi ...

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Why is it monogamy the 'appropriate' form of relationships in Western societies?

nce to sociological debates about both opposite-sex and same-sex intimate relationships.Recently, a television programme called 'Cheaters' has been broadcast on Channel Seven every Sunday night. It is ... e watching this programme will most likely show their sympathy to the injured parties. This reality television programme illustrates public's perception on infidelity is negative and even unacceptable ...

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Harry Potter And Slytherin House

uly remarkable talent of being able to keep a child amused and happy for longer than the space of a television programme. C.S. Lewis was a very well known writer when he published his children's novel ... tween Peter and Susan, the characters are written as being 13 and 12 years old respectively. Though television adaptations seem to add 3 or 4 years to their ages, not too many or Peter would have been ...

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