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"Organisations use a range of selection methods to fill job vacancies. Discuss these methods and critically evaluate their reliability and validity."

tre, candidates may undergo an exam like process where questionnaires, interviews and psychological tests may be used.2. Group discussion: This is where a topic is given to a group which is to be disc ... for example if a secretary is to be chosen he/she may be asked to undergo a typing test.Personality testsThis method takes the form of questionnaires and measures the appropriate personality qualities ...

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Methods of Objective Test Construction-short essay, includes definition and examples

h the researcher is interested. This method of testing includes data gathered through self-reports. Tests are self-report questionnaires that participants answer questions about themselves, normally d ... n a factor is named. This method also has three limitations that may affect the results of testing. Tests are in a questionnaire format that participants are asked to answer in a true-false format. Ex ...

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Measuring people's performance for selection purposes and suggest how these might be overcome.

characteristics.One issue in measuring performance for selection purposes is the reliability of the tests used to measure the individuals. The term reliability refers to the consistency of the selecti ... s and this can be with similar sets of people or with the same people over a period of time. If the tests used are unreliable then the sample will contain systematic and random errors. A test score is ...

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Introduction What are tests? Simply stated, a test is a series of standard questions that constitute an answer. Our textbo ... efines test as " any device used to evaluate the behavior or performance of a person (Aiken, 2000). Tests are administered to help make decisions about people or assist them with a course of action pe ... ervice industry for diagnostic, selection, placement and promotional purposes. With the wide use of tests there have been many criticisms of its usage. Most notably standardized test have been the cen ...

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Fundamentals of Psychological Testing

logical testing revolves around one basic principle: the understanding, application and analysis of tests. When a person thinks of tests, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the education-ba ... ments: mental ability, achievement, personality and neuropsychology testing. These are the types of tests that are studied by psychologists interested in how assessments can be used to obtain informat ...

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Psychological Testing

ychological testing is that the principle of testing is the comprehension, function and analysis of tests. When the word test is brought up in a conversation, the primary thing that one thinks would b ... ropsychology testing, attainment, character, and mental ability. Psychologists study these types of tests when involved in how an evaluation can be utilized, trying to get information needed.Mental ab ...

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biological molecules lab report

t report (i.e. "The soda is bad because it is full of sugar" is a judgmental statement).A series of tests were performed on various different products to determine whether any of them contain glucose, ... dan test is positive, the red dye will disperse and dissolve within the lipid. After performing the tests, it was found that there were no positive results within our list of products. All negative re ...

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