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Criminal Justice Reform / Speech Paper with Outline and all Supplements. The need for extreme criminal justice reform in California

iminalJustice in San Francisco, CA, in Nov, 1995 indicates that since the enactment ofCalifornia's 'Three Strikes' law two years ago, 192 have 'struck out' for marijuanapossession, compared to 40 for ... slature is to be commended for its stance on crime. Not for their 'get tough' policies such as the 'Three Strikes' law but for their enactment of a little known section of the Penal Code entitled the ...

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Stike Out Three Strikes

in California voters approved a controversial ballot initiative.Proposition 184, also known as the three strikes and you're out law, was passed onNovember 9, 1994. Under this new legislation repeat o ... The State Senate soon after voted the bill into law, with only seven membersvoting against it. The three strikes initiative stemmed from the killing of Polly Klass byRichard Allen Davis, a convicted ...

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Weakness in mandatory sentencing.

ing reform through Federal Sentencing Guidelines by means of mandatory minimums and the fairly new "Three Strikes" law have left a vast abyss of uncertainty for offenders, tied the hands of judges, an ... re, and to remove the discretion at the benches of federal and state judges. The aftermath of these three methods of sentencing reform would be overcrowded prisons, early release programs, unfair pros ...

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An essay about california's three strikes law.

Three-strikes law mandates doubling sentences for a second felony conviction and imposing life in pr ... ed that $4.5 billion to $6.5 billion per year was needed to accommodate this law. The intent of the three-strikes law is, of course, to lock up repeat offenders longer, and that requires the construct ... aw; in studies it has shown that the rates in crime have decreased. Bill Jones is the author of the three strikes law. He reports, a thirty-eight percent decline in violent crime since the passage of ...

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An opinion piece on California's Three Strikes law.

In 1994, California passed its infamous Three Strikes law after a twice-convicted kidnapper on parole kidnapped and murdered a 12 year old g ... under scrutiny ever since. Essentially, the law states that any person convicted of the same felony three times will automatically receive a 25 year to life prison term. Obviously, this can cause a lo ... ossession as a felony and thus as one strike. Two times in the past few months, cases involving the three strikes law have made it to the Supreme Court, and have been overruled.The major debate of thi ...

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Three Strike Law

the reasons that many people use to describe crime decline, is giving credit to the controversial "three strike" law and the deterrent theory. People advocating for three-strike law use deterrence th ... ey have to believe in law and a real risk of arrest".Based on deterrence theory, that advocates for three-strike law use, there is a problem with the law, because majority of people who are being put ...

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Please describe the current three (3) strikes law in California. Also, give any solutions you feel would correct the problems that are now occuring. Please attach a bibliography.

Three Strikes Yet No BallsWhen you think of life-sentences for criminals, what type of offense comes ... or violent offenses? This is what California legislators had in mind when they created California's Three Strikes, You're Out, Law. Instituted in 1994, the law was established to rid our streets of mu ... posal of various laws mandating lengthy sentences for repeat felons. Put forward under the slogan, "Three Strikes and You're Out," the law ordains that felons found guilty of a third felony be locked ...

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State of CA Proposition 66.

te confusion and wrongly harm those who were not the target of the law. A prime example may be the "Three Strikes Law", which was passed by California voters in 1994.Brief background of Proposition 66 ... lent and serious felons. However, the ACLU reports that more than half of the people punished under Three Strikes laws are convicted of non-violent offenses ( Among several notable propo ...

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Habitual Offender Laws - How do they Operate in Reality?

evere punishment).As one example of the habitual offender laws of the modern systems we can regard "Three strikes laws" of the United States. The name of a system of "Three strikes laws" was driven of ... d States. The name of a system of "Three strikes laws" was driven of a baseball, where a batter has three strikes. The system is a number of statutes enacted in many states of the US starting from 199 ...

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Prop 66 3 Strikes Law

This November an amended three strikes initiative will be placed on the ballot. Unfortunately, over the last decade, holding ... , holding a statewide office in California required a pledge of allegiance to the state's grotesque Three-Strikes law. With a couch potato population afraid to walk outside their gated communities, "t ... es, "tough on crime" politicians flourished, taking victim's rights to extremes. Other state's have Three-Strikes laws, but California's is the just plain ugly. It is the only one in the nation that c ...

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Three Strikes

everybody, and especially on government as courts, prison, and cost. I strongly disagree to this "three strikes" law because of the impact on government will cost more than what we will be gaining ... ne convicted of any third felony must be sentenced to a minimum prison term of 25 years to life, or three times the sentence for the third crime, whichever is greater." Many criminals would commit mo ...

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The Three Strikes Law is Lost in a Dessert         The

The Three Strikes Law is Lost in a Dessert The 'three strikes' law has proven to be inadequate. ... it comes to controlling the rates of real criminals or decreasing the rise of violence. The 'three strikes' law more often accrues for a minor felony. People go to prison for much less. Often t ... violent crime at all and they are struck out. The statistics have shown that more than half of the 'three strikes' offenders are non-violent criminals that have been taken for only theft and drug or t ...

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Legal brief essay-3 strikes case

48; was probably what Leonardo Andrade thought as he was placed behind bars for life because of the Three Strikes law passed in March of 1994. After being a long-time heroin addict and with a 15-year ... nished as a misdemeanor or a felony. Gary Ewing was placed similar situation. He attempted to steal three golf clubs, each priced at about $399. Ewing, also a drug addict, with a criminal history incl ...

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Prison Term Policy Recommendation

d robbery and the authors' recommendation for the change; included will be the incorporation of the Three-Strikes Law to aid in the punishment stage.In the state of New Jersey, the sentence for first ... ous person on the streets who will be able to go out and commit another robbery, and possibly worse.Three Strikes LawThe Three Strikes Law was originally passed in 1993. In the state of New Jersey, th ...

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comment of three strike law

Wld 57SHaohui Li2014/10/18Standard EnglishIn 1994, the California government enacted the "Three Strikes Law", whose name is derived from the baseball jargon, in order to contain the increasi ... ame is derived from the baseball jargon, in order to contain the increasing tendency of criminals. "Three strikes and you are out" originally used in baseball game, and it means that if the batter fai ...

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