Three Strikes

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        The impact of the "law would happen to almost everybody, and especially on government as courts, prison, and cost. I strongly disagree to this "three strikes" law because of the impact on government will cost more than what we will be gaining by this law.

        "The law will further clog courts because those charges with serious crimes are less likely to plead guilty in the face of life sentences." By ten years, the court will be eliminate because there will be too many cases that take much valuable time from court. The third strike says, "Anyone convicted of any third felony must be sentenced to a minimum prison term of 25 years to life, or three times the sentence for the third crime, whichever is greater." Many criminals would commit more crime to put themselves in jail and let the government's budget take care of them while they in jail.

More crimes would give the court many problems to solve. Whoever that committed the crime more than two times is the person who doesn't care about their life and why we have to keep them in jail and give them our money.

        "By the year 2001, states corrections experts predict, more than 20 prisons will have to be built to house 100,000 more criminals." If this law will creates more criminals as we predicted; therefore we should try to avoid this law not to use it as a try. Instead of using this wasted law to increase our tax for building more prison rather than other valuable things, we must find another way to decrease the crime not to increase crime and put more people in jail to waste our tax money. By cutting the budget from other issue like higher education issue and use the budget to build more...